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Definition of snare

1. A trap for birds or small mammals; often has a slip noose.
2. Strings stretched across the lower head of a snare drum; they make a rattling sound when the drum is hit.
3. A surgical instrument consisting of wire hoop that can be drawn tight around the base of polyps or small tumors to sever them; used especially in body cavities.
4. A small drum with two heads and a snare stretched across the lower head.
5. Something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches you unawares.
It was all a snare and delusion.
6. Catch in or as if in a trap.
7. Entice and trap.
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English - English - snare

n. trap, device used to capture small game; something which traps or ensnares; metal or gut string stretched across the head of a snare drum
v. catch in a trap, entrap, entangle, capture

English - Spanish - snare

s. trampa, aguaitamiento, asechanza, celada, emboscada, garlito, insidia, red
v. asechar, cazar con trampa, coger, trapisondear

English - French - snare

n. piège, embuscade, trappe; noeud-coulant, boutonnière; corde de tambour
v. piéger

English - German - snare

n. Schlinge; Falle; Versuchung
v. in eine Falle locken

English - Indonesian - snare

n. jerat, gaet, perangkap, jebakan, penawan, penangkap
v. menjerat, menjebak, terjebak, terangkap

English - Italian - snare

s. (Venat) trappola, laccio; insidia, tranello
v. (Venat) prendere al laccio, intrappolare

English - Polish - snare

n. pułapka, sidła, samołapka, samołówka, sieć, pętla, nasadka, paść, samotrzask, matnia, wnyk
v. łapać w sidła, sidlić

English - Portuguese - snare

s. armadilha, cilada; laço; cordão do tambor
v. capturar com a armadilha

English - Romanian - snare

n. cursă, capcană, laţ

English - Russian - snare

с. силок, ловушка, западня
г. поймать в ловушку

English - Turkish - snare

f. kapana kıstırmak, tuzağa düşürmek, tuzak kurmak
i. kapan, tuzak, kıskaç, trampet kirişi

English - Ukrainian - snare

n. сильце, западня, хапка
v. западня: спіймати в западню, западня: заманити в западню

English - Dutch - snare

zn. (val)strik, val
ww. strikken, verstrikken

English - Greek - snare

ουσ. βρόχος, δίκτυο, παγίδα, παγίς
ρήμ. παγιδεύω

English - Arabic - snare

‏كمين، فخ، شرك، أحبولة، وتر‏
‏نصب فخا، غوى، نصب شركا، صاد بشرك، وقع في شرك‏

English - Chinese - snare

(名) 陷阱, 罗网; 圈套, 诱惑#勒除器; 响弦
(动) 捕捉; 诱获; 诱...入圈套; 谋得

English - Chinese - snare

(名) 陷阱, 羅網; 圈套, 誘惑#勒除器; 響弦
(動) 捕捉; 誘獲; 誘...入圈套; 謀得

English - Hindi - snare

n. जाल, फंदा, फुसलाने की विधि, ललचाव

English - Japanese - snare

(名) 罠; 誘惑; 響線
(動) 罠にかける; 陥れる; 巧みに手に入れる

English - Korean - snare

명. 덫, 올가미, 함정

English - Vietnamese - snare

n. lưới
v. gày bẩy

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Synonyms for snare
1. entrap: ensnare, catch, enmesh, entangle, trap, trick, lure
2. trap: net, trick, pitfall, lure, decoy
Verb forms for snare
Present participle: snaring
Present: snare (3.person: snares)
Past: snared
Future: will snare
Present conditional: would snare
Present Perfect: have snared (3.person: has snared)
Past Perfect: had snared
Future Perfect: will have snared
Past conditional: would have snared