Definition of snatch Pronunciation
1. To grasp quickly.
He snatched up the phone.
2. To attempt to seize something suddenly; to catch.
To snatch at a rope
3. To take or seize hastily, abruptly, or without permission or ceremony.
To snatch a kiss
4. To grasp and remove quickly.
He snatched the letter out of the secretary's hand.
5. To steal.
Someone has just snatched my purse!
6. (by extension) To take a victory at the last moment.
7. To do something quickly due to limited time available.
He snatched a sandwich before catching the train.
He snatched a glimpse of her while her mother had her back turned.
8. A quick grab or catch.
The leftfielder makes a nice snatch to end the inning.
9. A competitive weightlifting event in which a barbell is lifted from the platform to locked arms overhead in a smooth continuous movement.
10. A piece of some sound, usually music or conversation.
I heard a snatch of Mozart as I passed the open window.
11. A vulva.
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English - English - snatch Pronunciation
n. grab, act of suddenly seizing something; bit, scrap, fragment; brief period of time, spell; kidnapping (Slang)
v. attempt to seize; take abruptly, grab quickly; kidnap, abduct; seize an opportunity
English - Spanish - snatch Pronunciation
s. arrebatamiento; agarre
v. arrebatar, tomar, tomar por la fuerza
English - French - snatch Pronunciation
n. vol; fragments, bribes
v. saisir, attraper; essayer d'enlever; sauter (sur l'occasion etc.)
English - German - snatch Pronunciation
n. Griff (nach etwas); Raub; Kidnapping; Reißen (Gewichtheben); Gesprächsfetzen; Wortbrocken
v. schnappen; ergreifen; an sich reißen; nehmen; bekommen
English - Italian - snatch Pronunciation
s. atto di afferrare; presa, stretta; breve periodo; frammento, brano, pezzo, pezzetto; (sl) rapimento; furto con strappo, (fam) scippo
v. strappare, dare uno strappo a, dare di piglio a; carpire; sottrarre; (sl) rapire; portar via, ghermire
English - Portuguese - snatch Pronunciation
s. espaço de tempo curto; rapto; apreensão; pedaço; tentativa de agarrar, tentativa de conseguir
v. agarrar (chance, etc); apanhar; arrebatar; tentar pegar; arrancar; esforçar-se por
English - Russian - snatch Pronunciation
с. хватание, рывок, хватка; момент, мгновение, короткий промежуток времени
г. хватать, вырывать, урвать; стащить, похищать
English - Turkish - snatch Pronunciation
f. kapmak, yakalamak, fırsattan istifade etmek, çabucak yapmak, kapışmak, zorla almak, koparmak, kaçırmak, koparmada kaldırmak (halter)
i. kapma, yakalama, an, kısa süre, çok kısa süren şey, am, kadın cinsel organı, ilişkiye girme, parça
English - Dutch - snatch Pronunciation
zn. ruk, greep, roof; brok, stukje, fragment; kut; poging om te grijpen naar, poging om aan te grijpen
ww. grijpen naar; (dadelijk) aangrijpen; wegrukken, weggrijpen; stelen; oppakken
English - Greek - snatch Pronunciation
ουσ. αρπαγή, άρπαγμα, τεμάχιο
ρήμ. αρπάζω
English - Chinese - snatch Pronunciation
(名) 夺取; 片刻, 短时; 抢夺; 片段, 点滴
(动) 夺取, 攫取; 想抢走, 攫取
English - Chinese - snatch Pronunciation
(名) 奪取; 片刻, 短時; 搶奪; 片段, 點滴
(動) 奪取, 攫取; 想搶走, 攫取
English - Japanese - snatch Pronunciation
(動) ひったくる; 飛びつく; 急いでとる
(名) ひったくり; 一部分; 短い間
English - Korean - snatch Pronunciation
명. 잡아챔, 갑작스럽게 가로챔; 한입, 한조각; 짧은 순간, 찰나; 유괴 (속어)
동. 잡아 채려 하다; 낚아채다, 와락 붙잡다; 유괴하다; 기회를 포착하다

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Synonyms for snatch
1. fragment: scrap, shred, chunk, chip, snippet, sliver, tatter
2. grab: pluck, pull, grasp, yank, seize, wrench, jerk
3. steal: filch, nab, collar, purloin, swipe, take, hijack
Verb forms for snatch
Present participle: snatching
Present: snatch (3.person: snatches)
Past: snatched
Future: will snatch
Present conditional: would snatch
Present Perfect: have snatched (3.person: has snatched)
Past Perfect: had snatched
Future Perfect: will have snatched
Past conditional: would have snatched