Definition of snoopy Pronunciation
1. Offensively curious or inquisitive.
The snoopy neighbor watched us all day.
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English - English - snoopy Pronunciation
adj. nosy, meddlesome, excessively curious
English - Spanish - snoopy Pronunciation
adj. entrometido, curioso
English - French - snoopy Pronunciation
adj. méticuleux, pointilleux, qui fourre son nez
English - German - snoopy Pronunciation
[Snoopy] n. Snoopy, Zeichentrickfigur in Form eines Hundes der Fernsehserie "Peanuts"
adj. neugierig; herumsuchend; wühlerisch
English - Italian - snoopy Pronunciation
agg. indiscreto, curioso
English - Portuguese - snoopy Pronunciation
adj. bisbilhoteiro, intrometido, futriqueiro, pessoa que mete o nariz (onde não é chamada)
English - Russian - snoopy Pronunciation
прил. назойливо любопытный, выслеживающий
English - Turkish - snoopy Pronunciation
s. meraklı, her işe burnunu sokan
English - Dutch - snoopy Pronunciation
bn. rondsnuffelend; peuteraar, wroeter
English - Greek - snoopy Pronunciation
επίθ. φιλοπερίεργος
English - Chinese - snoopy Pronunciation
(形) 爱窥探的; 爱管闲事的
English - Chinese - snoopy Pronunciation
(形) 愛窺探的; 愛管閒事的
English - Japanese - snoopy Pronunciation
(形) お節介な
English - Korean - snoopy Pronunciation
명. 만화 시리즈 "피넛"에 나오는 개의 이름
형. 참견하는, 지나치게 관심을 갖는
English - Vietnamese - snoopy Pronunciation
a. lục lạo

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