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English English - Definition of snowstorm 
n. storm accompanied by heavy snowfall and high winds
Spanish English To Spanish - snowstorm 
s. tormenta de nieve, nevada, nevasca, ventisca, ventisquero
French English To French - snowstorm 
n. tempête de neige
German English To German - snowstorm 
n. Schneesturm
Italian English To Italian - snowstorm 
s. tempesta di neve, tormenta
Portuguese English To Portuguese - snowstorm 
s. tempestade de neve
Russian English To Russian - snowstorm 
с. вьюга, метель, пурга, буран
Turkish English To Turkish - snowstorm 
i. kar fırtınası, tipi
Albanian English To Albanian - snowstorm 
n. stuhi dëbore, skorratinë
Dutch English To Dutch - snowstorm 
zn. sneeuwstorm
Greek English To Greek - snowstorm 
ουσ. χιονοθύελλα, χιονοστρόβιλος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - snowstorm 
(名) 暴风雪
ChineseT English To ChineseT - snowstorm 
(名) 暴風雪
Japanese English To Japanese - snowstorm 
(名) 吹雪
Korean English To Korean - snowstorm 
명. 눈보라, 눈보라 같은 것
noun: a storm with widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds


 Synonyms for snowstorm
blizzard: gale, blast, storm, tempest

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