Definition of sociogram Pronunciation
1. A graphic representation of the structure of interpersonal relations in a group situation, a depiction of the social links that a person has
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English - English - sociogram Pronunciation
n. diagram which analyzes the interaction of individuals within a community (Sociology)
English - Spanish - sociogram Pronunciation
s. Sociograma (en sociología - diagrama que describe las relaciones del individuo con el grupo)
English - French - sociogram Pronunciation
n. sociogramme (en sociologie-diagramme spécifiant les liens entre des individus dans un groupe)
English - German - sociogram Pronunciation
n. Soziogram (beziehungsschilderndes Diagram zweier Einzelner in der Gesellschaft)
English - Italian - sociogram Pronunciation
s. sociogramma
English - Portuguese - sociogram Pronunciation
s. sociograma, diagrama que descreve relação entre elementos de um grupo (Sociologia)
English - Turkish - sociogram Pronunciation
i. toplumsal ilişki çizelgesi
English - Dutch - sociogram Pronunciation
zn. sociogram (in sociologie-diagram die gedrag tussen personen in een groep verklaart)
English - Japanese - sociogram Pronunciation
(名) ソシオグラム, コミュニティーにおける個々の相互作用を分析した図表(社会学)

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