Definition of speechless Pronunciation
1. Not speaking; not knowing what to say; silent, especially due to surprise, amazement, etc.
When he walked into his surprise birthday party, he was completely speechless.
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English - English - speechless Pronunciation
adj. temporarily unable to speak due to a strong emotion, tongue-tied, dumbfounded; mute, dumb; characterized by lack of speech, silent
English - Spanish - speechless Pronunciation
adj. mudo, enmudecido, sin habla; estupefacto
English - French - speechless Pronunciation
adj. aphone, incapable de parler; muet, interdit, interloqué
English - German - speechless Pronunciation
adj. völlig stumm, sprachlos, wortlos
English - Italian - speechless Pronunciation
agg. senza parola, ammutolito; (fam) di sasso, attonito; inesprimibile, ineffabile, indicibile
English - Portuguese - speechless Pronunciation
adj. mudo, sem fala, calado
English - Russian - speechless Pronunciation
прил. немой, безмолвный, онемевший, невыразимый
English - Turkish - speechless Pronunciation
s. dilsiz, dili tutulmuş, nutku tutulmuş, suskun, sessiz, sözsüz, kelimelere dökülemeyen, sözle ifade edilemeyen
English - Dutch - speechless Pronunciation
bn. sprakeloos; zonder woorden; zonder een woord uit te brengen
English - Greek - speechless Pronunciation
επίθ. άφωνος, άναυδος
English - Chinese - speechless Pronunciation
(形) 目瞪口呆; 不能用言表的; 不会说话的, 哑的
English - Chinese - speechless Pronunciation
(形) 目瞪口呆; 不能用言表的; 不會說話的, 啞的
English - Japanese - speechless Pronunciation
(形) 物も言えない; 口のきけない; 無言の; 無口な
English - Korean - speechless Pronunciation
형. 말 못하는, 말문이 막힌, 혀가 얼어 붙은; 말을 못하는, 벙어리의; 말이 없는, 조용한

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Synonyms for speechless
1. mute: silent, dumb
2. dumbfounded: wordless, shocked, dumfounded, mute, dumb