Definition of sponsion Pronunciation
1. The act of becoming surety for another.
2. An act or engagement on behalf of a state, by an agent not specially authorized for the purpose, or by one who exceeds the limits of authority.
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English - English - sponsion Pronunciation
n. promise, pledge
English - Spanish - sponsion Pronunciation
s. garantía
English - French - sponsion Pronunciation
n. garantie, obligation
English - German - sponsion Pronunciation
n. Bürgschaft
English - Indonesian - sponsion Pronunciation
n. jaminan
English - Italian - sponsion Pronunciation
s. (Dir) garanzia, malleveria
English - Portuguese - sponsion Pronunciation
s. fiança, compromisso
English - Romanian - sponsion Pronunciation
n. garanţie {jur.}, cauţiune {jur.}
English - Russian - sponsion Pronunciation
с. поручительство, гарантия [юр.], обязательство [юр.]
English - Turkish - sponsion Pronunciation
i. kefalet, kefil olma, güvence verme, devlet adına yapılan taahhüt
English - Ukrainian - sponsion Pronunciation
n. поручительство
English - Dutch - sponsion Pronunciation
zn. niet-geautoriseerde toezegging, diplomatieke afspraak door onbevoegd persoon; borg, het zich borg stellen
English - Greek - sponsion Pronunciation
ουσ. εγγύηση
English - Chinese - sponsion Pronunciation
(名) 保证, 担保
English - Chinese - sponsion Pronunciation
(名) 保證, 擔保
English - Hindi - sponsion Pronunciation
n. ज़ामिन, जमानदार, प्रतिज्ञा, सट्टा
English - Japanese - sponsion Pronunciation
(名) 保証
English - Korean - sponsion Pronunciation
명. 보증, 돌출판, 뱃전 밖으로 내민 포문
English - Vietnamese - sponsion Pronunciation
n. sự đảm bảo về người

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