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Definition of spot

1. A round or irregular patch on the surface of a thing having a different color, texture etc. and generally round in shape.
The leopard is noted for the spots of color in its fur.
2. A stain or disfiguring mark.
I have tried everything, and I can’t get this spot out.
3. A pimple, papule or pustule.
That morning, I saw that a spot had come up on my chin.
I think she's got chicken pox; she's covered in spots.
4. A small, unspecified amount or quantity.
Would you like to come round on Sunday for a spot of lunch?
5. A bill of five-dollar or ten-dollar denomination in dollars.
Here's the twenty bucks I owe you, a ten spot and two five spots.
6. A location or area.
I like to eat lunch in a pleasant spot outside.
For our anniversary we went back to the same spot where we first met.
7. A parking space.
8. An official determination of placement.
The fans were very unhappy with the referee's spot of the ball.
9. A bright lamp; a spotlight.
10. A brief advertisement or program segment on television.
Did you see the spot on the news about the shoelace factory?
11. Difficult situation; predicament.
She was in a real spot when she ran into her separated husband while on a date.
12. One who spots (supports or assists a maneuver, or is prepared to assist if safety dictates); a spotter.
13. Penalty spot.
14. The act of spotting or noticing something.
- You've misspelled "terrapin" here.
- Whoops. Good spot.
15. A variety of the common domestic pigeon, so called from a spot on its head just above the beak.
16. A food fish (Liostomus xanthurus) of the Atlantic coast of the United States, with a black spot behind the shoulders and fifteen oblique dark bars on the sides.
17. The southern redfish, or red horse, which has a spot on each side at the base of the tail.
18. Commodities, such as merchandise and cotton, sold for immediate delivery.
19. An autosoliton.
20. A decimal point; point.
Twelve spot two five pounds sterling. (ie. £12.25)
21. To see, find; to pick out, notice, locate, distinguish or identify.
Try to spot the differences between these two pictures.
22. To loan a small amount of money to someone.
I’ll spot you ten dollars for lunch.
23. To stain; to leave a spot (on).
Hard water will spot if it is left on a surface.
A garment spotted with mould
24. To remove, or attempt to remove, a stain.
I spotted the carpet where the child dropped spaghetti.
25. To support or assist a maneuver, or to be prepared to assist if safety dictates.
I can’t do a back handspring unless somebody spots me.
26. To keep the head and eyes pointing in a single direction while turning.
Most figure skaters do not spot their turns like dancers do.
27. To stain; to blemish; to taint; to disgrace; to tarnish, as reputation.
28. To cut or chip (timber) in preparation for hewing.
29. To place an object at a location indicated by a spot. Notably in billiards or snooker.
The referee had to spot the pink on the blue spot.
30. Available on the spot; on hand for immediate payment or delivery.
Spot wheat; spot cash
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English - English - spot

n. roundish stain, dot, speck; place; awkward or difficult situation, predicament; specific location, area; stain on one's reputation, blemish; pimple (British); spotlight
v. mark, dot, stain; remove a spot from; notice, detect, recognize; become stained; place, set in a particular position, locate
adj. made or done immediately; paid at once; broadcast between major radio or television programs; performed randomly

English - Spanish - spot

s. lugar, punto, sitio; mancha, mácula, peca
v. divisar, avistar, discernir, localizar, ubicar; manchar, cubrir con manchas, macular, tacar; motear, cubrir de puntos
adj. disponible, en existencia

English - French - spot

n. point; lieu, endroit, tache, défaut; souillure; bouton; point noir; un petit bout; une pincée; problème; spot, projecteur
v. identifier; repérer; apercevoir; reconnaître; découvrir; tacher, souiller; tacheter, moucheter; détacher; se salir; situer
adj. local; immédiat(e); touristique; comptant

English - German - spot

n. Tupfen; Punkt; Platz; Ort; Fleck; Pickel; Problem
v. orten; identifizieren, wahrnehmen, entdecken; beflecken, punktieren; schmutzig machen; beschmutzen; errichten, plazieren
adj. auf der Stelle, sogleich, sofort; Direktübertragung

English - Indonesian - spot

n. noda, selekeh, becak, calit, renjis, bintik, totol, cecak, telau, tempat, keaiban, kehinaan, mala, jumlah sedikit, tidur sebentar, jabatan, kedudukan, restoran, sulit: keadaan sulit
v. menodai, mengotori, mengaibkan, melihat, mengenal, mengenali, terpandang, menempatkan, membiarkan

English - Italian - spot

s. pallino, punto, puntino; macchia; neo; foruncolo, pustoletta; briciolo, traccia, punta, pizzico; posto, luogo; (fam) guaio, pasticcio, difficoltà; posizione in graduatoria; goccia
v. punteggiare, macchiettare, chiazzare; macchiare; individuare, distinguere, scorgere; scoprire, trovare; (Artigl) localizzare
agg. punto; macchia; pallino

English - Polish - spot

n. miejscowość, miejsce, punkt, punkcik, łata, plama, plamka, muszka, skaza, placek, ciapka, cętka, pryszcz, krosta, odrobinka
v. kropkować, cętkować, dostrzec, spostrzec, rozpoznać, rozeznać, podchwycić, zauważyć, typować {sport.}, dostrzegać, spostrzegać, rozpoznawać, podchwytywać, zauważać

English - Portuguese - spot

s. ponto; lugar, sítio; mancha; borrão, nódoa; um pouco; pitada; projetor; desgraça
v. localizar; reconhecer, identificar, descobrir; manchar, marcar com uma cor; tirar mancha; sujar-se; apresentar, colocar
adj. imediato; ao vivo, no local do acontecimento (em relação a uma transmissão)

English - Romanian - spot

n. pată, semn, punct, coş {med.}, loc, ungher, colţ, localitate, pic, strop, slujbă {fam.}, pronostic {fam.}
v. păta, murdări, dezonora, stabili {fam.}, identifica, păta: se păta

English - Russian - spot

с. пятно, крапинка, место; прыщик, небольшое количество, чуточка; капля, глоток; должность, место в списке; прожектор для подсветки, подвижная фара; наличный товар, товар с немедленной сдачей
г. пачкать; выводить пятна; позорить; узнавать, увидеть, обнаружить, опознать; определить местонахождение; корректировать стрельбу
прил. местный, наличный, имеющийся на складе

English - Turkish - spot

f. benek yapmak, lekelemek, nokta yapmak, beneklemek, seçmek, ayırt etmek, görmek, tanımak, yerleştirmek, yerine koymak, yerini saptamak, lekelenmek, benek benek olmak
i. nokta, benek, leke, puan, yer, olay yeri, ayıp, reklâm, reklâm spotu, azıcık miktar, zor durum, gece klübü, eğlence yeri, spot, sahne ışığı
s. peşin para ile yapılan, hemen teslim edilen

English - Ukrainian - spot

n. пляма, місце, ганьба, прищик, зайчик, затьоп, коректування, містина, цятка
v. плямувати, ганьбити, місцеперебування: визначати місцеперебування, заплямовувати, обляпувати, рябити, цяткувати

French - English - spot

(m) n. spot, spotlight

German - English - spot

n. ad, advertisement, commercial

Italian - English - spot

n. spot

Portuguese - English - spot

n. spotlight

Turkish - English - spot

n. roundish stain, dot, speck; place; awkward or difficult situation, predicament; specific location, area; stain on one's reputation, blemish; pimple (British); spotlight
v. mark, dot, stain; remove a spot from; notice, detect, recognize; become stained; place, set in a particular position, locate
adj. made or done immediately; paid at once; broadcast between major radio or television programs; performed randomly

Dutch - English - spot

n. mockery, derision, ridicule, scoff, fleer

English - Dutch - spot

zn. vlek; stippel; plek; scheutje; plek; ; weinig
ww. opsporen; identificeren, onderscheiden; uitvinden; vlekken; stippelen; vlekken verwijderen; vuil worden; plaatsen
bn. op staande voet; present zijnde

English - Greek - spot

ουσ. λεκές, σημείο, στίγμα, τόπος, κηλίς, κηλίδα
ρήμ. κηλιδώνω, σημειώνω, στίζω

French - Spanish - spot

1. (radar) cresta de eco
2. (théâtre) proyector (m); foco (m)

Spanish - German - spot

n. werbespot

Turkish - Turkish - spot

herhangi bir aynalı aygıt ile ekran üzerinde oluşturulan görüntü.
dar bir alana çok güçlü ışık yöneltebilen stüdyo lambası.
kısa tanıtma filmi.

French - German - spot

n. spot, scheinwerfer, strahler, lichtpunkt, werbespot, leselämpchen, lämpchen

French - Italian - spot

1. (radar) segnale di ritorno
2. (théâtre) riflettore (m); riflettore lenticolare

French - Portuguese - spot

1. (radar) eco (m); sinal de retorno
2. (théâtre) refletor (m)

French - Russian - spot

n. пятно (m)

French - Turkish - spot

[le] spot ışığı; spot piyasa

German - French - spot

n. spot (m)

German - Italian - spot

n. comunicato pubblicitario (m), cortometraggio pubblicitario (m), spot (m)

Italian - German - spot

n. werbespot, spot

Turkish - French - spot

[le] spot ışığı; spot piyasa

Dutch - French - spot

1. (algemeen) ridicule (m)
2. (bespotting) moquerie (f); dérision (f); raillerie (f)

French - Dutch - spot

1. (radar) echo (m)
2. (théâtre) bundellicht (n); spotlicht (n)

English - Arabic - spot

‏لطخة، محل، مركز، وصمة، بقعة، مكان، ضوء كشاف، نقطة، مقدار قليل، موضع، النعاب الأرقط نوع من السمك، موقع، إرتباك، نقطة في الملابس، فترة بين برنامجين إذاعيين، إعلان‏
‏لطخ، لوث، إكتشف، وضع علمة، تلطخ، تبقع‏
‏فوري، إعتباطي، في الموقع، قماش منقط، نقدي‏

English - Chinese - spot

(名) 斑点, 斑块; 污渍; 污点; 疤
(动) 点缀, 认出, 玷污; 变污, 侦察敌方目标
(形) 立即的, 当场做出的; 从事现金交易的; 现付的; 现场广播的, 现场报导的

English - Chinese - spot

(名) 斑點, 斑塊; 污漬; 污點; 疤
(動) 點綴, 認出, 玷污; 變汙, 偵察敵方目標
(形) 立即的, 當場做出的; 從事現金交易的; 現付的; 現場廣播的, 現場報導的

English - Hindi - spot

n. निशान, धब्बा, दोष, चित्ती, मुंहासा, स्थान
v. धब्बे डालना, चिह्नित करना, खोजना, पता लगाना, पहिचानना, देखना
a. मौजूदा, मक़ामी, स्थानीय, देशी

English - Japanese - spot

(動) しみを付ける; しみが付く; 汚す; 見つける
(副) ちょうど
(形) その場での; 現場での; 現金取り引きの

English - Korean - spot

명. 얼룩, 반점; 장소; 어려운 상황, 곤경;특정한 장소; 오명; 여드름; 스포트라이트
동. 더럽히다, 얼룩지게 하다; 얼룩을 없애다; 발견하다, 탐지하다; 더럽혀지다; 배치하다
형. 당장의, 즉석의, 현금지불의, 현지의, 프로 사이에 삽입되는

English - Vietnamese - spot

n. nơi, chốn, chổ, dấu, đốm, chấm nhỏ
v. làm có đốm, nhận ra, làm chấm vật gì

German - Chinese - spot

[der] pl.Spots 广告。插播的广告短片。
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Synonyms for spot
1. place: locale, locality, site, post, situation
2. blemish: blot, mark, stain, speck, taint, stigma, flaw
3. blemish: blot, mark, stain, soil, sully, taint, tarnish
4. detect: discover, find, locate, recognise, recognize
Verb forms for spot
Present participle: spotting
Present: spot (3.person: spots)
Past: spotted
Future: will spot
Present conditional: would spot
Present Perfect: have spotted (3.person: has spotted)
Past Perfect: had spotted
Future Perfect: will have spotted
Past conditional: would have spotted