Definition of spruceness Pronunciation
1. The property of being spruce, of being neat and elegant
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English - English - spruceness Pronunciation
n. neatness; being clean and trim and smart
English - French - spruceness Pronunciation
n. mise soignée, mise pimpante
English - German - spruceness Pronunciation
Sauberkeit, Gepflegtheit, Adrettheit, Flottheit, Schmuckheit
English - Italian - spruceness Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - spruceness Pronunciation
s. asseio
English - Romanian - spruceness Pronunciation
n. cochetărie
English - Turkish - spruceness Pronunciation
i. şıklık, zarafet, fiyaka
English - Greek - spruceness Pronunciation
ουσ. κομψότητα, κομψότης, φιλοκαλία

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