Definition of squab Pronunciation
1. A baby pigeon or dove.
2. The meat of a squab (i.e. a young (domestic) pigeon or dove) used as food.
3. A baby rook.
4. A thick cushion, especially a flat one covering the seat of a chair or sofa.
5. A person of a short, fat figure.
6. To fall plump; to strike at one dash, or with a heavy stroke.
7. To furnish with squabs, or cushions.
8. Fat; thick; plump; bulky.
9. Unfledged; unfeathered.
A squab pigeon
10. With a heavy fall; plump.
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English - Spanish - squab Pronunciation
adj. regordete
s. pichón (m), pollito (m), regordete (m), cojín (m), sofá (m)
English - French - squab Pronunciation
adj. herbe: en herbe,
n. pigeonneau (m), homme rond (m), coussin bien rembourré (m), sofa (m), dossier (m), rondelet (m)
English - German - squab Pronunciation
n. jungtaube (f), bank (f)
English - Italian - squab Pronunciation
adv. pesantemente
s. piccioncino (m), grassoccio (m)
English - Portuguese - squab Pronunciation
adj. atarracado, baixo e gordo, gorducho, rechonchudo, imdlume
English - Russian - squab Pronunciation
с. неоперившийся голубь, невысокий: невысокого роста толстяк, тюфяк (M), диванная подушка, кушетка (F),
прил. короткий и толстый, приземистый
нареч. грузно, тяжело
English - Turkish - squab Pronunciation
i. güvercin yavrusu, minder
English - Dutch - squab Pronunciation
bn. gedrongen
zn. duif
English - Greek - squab Pronunciation
ουσ. περιστεράκι, πιτσούνι
επίθ. κοντόχονδροσ
English - Korean - squab Pronunciation
명. 비둘기 새끼, 땅딸막한 사람, 폭신하고 두꺼운 쿠션
형. 땅딸막한, 갓 부화된
부. 털썩

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