Definition of sticky Pronunciation
1. Able or likely to stick.
Is this tape sticky enough to stay on that surface?
2. Potentially difficult to escape from.
This is a sticky situation. We could be in this for weeks if we're not careful.
3. Persistent.
We should make the printing direction sticky so the user doesn't have to keep setting it.
4. Appearing on all virtual desktops.
5. Fixed at the top of the list of topics or threads so as to keep it in view.
6. Compelling enough to keep visitors from leaving.
A woman has come to me with the complaint that her website is not sticky: 70% of the visits last 30 seconds or less.
7. Of weather, hot and windless and with high humidity, so that people feel sticky from sweating.
8. A sticky note, such as a post-it note.
Her desk is covered with yellow stickies.
9. A small adhesive particle found in wastepaper.
10. A sweet dessert wine.
11. To fix a thread at the top of the list of topics or threads so as to keep it in view.
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English - English - sticky Pronunciation
adj. adhesive; covered with something adhesive; warm and humid; difficult, complex (Informal); unpleasant, painful (Informal)
English - Spanish - sticky Pronunciation
adj. pegajoso, adhesivo, engomado, mucilaginoso, pegadizo, peguntoso
English - French - sticky Pronunciation
adj. adhésif; collant, gluant, difficile; complexe, désagréable; pénible
English - German - sticky Pronunciation
adj. klebrig; pappig
English - Indonesian - sticky Pronunciation
a. lekat, leceh, bergetah, lengket, lekit, legit, lembab dan panas, ragu-ragu, sulit
English - Italian - sticky Pronunciation
agg. adesivo, collante; appiccicoso, attaccaticcio, viscoso, colloso, vischioso; umido, afoso, pesante; (fam) difficile, complicato, complesso; (fam) pignolo, meticoloso, pedante; (sl) spiacevole
English - Polish - sticky Pronunciation
a. lepki, klejący, kleisty, klajstrowaty, lgnący, czepliwy, przyczepny, maziowaty, mazisty
English - Portuguese - sticky Pronunciation
adj. pegajoso; coberto por um adesivo; quente e úmido; difícil, complexo (Informal); desagradável, doloroso (Informal)
English - Romanian - sticky Pronunciation
a. cleios, lipicios, vâscos, clisos, gras, unsuros, hotărât, neînduplecat, strâns pe corp, sufocant
English - Russian - sticky Pronunciation
прил. липкий, липучий, клейкий; жаркий и влажный, душный; несговорчивый, очень неприятный; затруднительный, трудный
English - Turkish - sticky Pronunciation
s. yapışkan, yapış yapış, yapışkanlı, aşırı nemli, rutubetli, ıslak, inatçı, zorlu, zor, tatsız, kötü, berbat, isteksiz, gönülsüz
English - Ukrainian - sticky Pronunciation
a. липкий, нерішучий, клейкий
English - Dutch - sticky Pronunciation
bn. kleverig; hard; tegen zijnde
English - Greek - sticky Pronunciation
επίθ. κολλώδης, γλοιώδης
English - Arabic - sticky Pronunciation
‏لزج، لصوق، صعب المراس، شائك، صعب، دبق، بغيض، نيق‏
English - Chinese - sticky Pronunciation
(形) 粘的; 泥泞的; 涂有粘胶物质的; 湿热的
English - Chinese - sticky Pronunciation
(形) 粘的; 泥濘的; 塗有粘膠物質的; 濕熱的
English - Hindi - sticky Pronunciation
a. चिपचिपा, लसलसा, हिचकिचानेवाला, अस्थिरचित्त
English - Japanese - sticky Pronunciation
(形) べとべとする; 粘着性の; 難しい; 気難しい
English - Korean - sticky Pronunciation
형. 끈적끈적한; 끈끈한 것으로 뒤덮힌; 덮고 칙칙한; 어려운, 복잡한 (구어); 불쾌한, 쓰라린 ( 구어)
English - Vietnamese - sticky Pronunciation
a. dính, dính trết, dính khó gở được

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Synonyms for sticky
adhesive: viscous, gluey, glutinous, gooey, gummy