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English English - Definition of sticky 
adj. adhesive; covered with something adhesive; warm and humid; difficult, complex (Informal); unpleasant, painful (Informal)
Spanish English To Spanish - sticky 
adj. pegajoso, adhesivo, engomado, mucilaginoso, pegadizo, peguntoso
French English To French - sticky 
adj. adhésif; collant, gluant, difficile; complexe, désagréable; pénible
German English To German - sticky 
adj. klebrig; pappig
Italian English To Italian - sticky 
agg. adesivo, collante; appiccicoso, attaccaticcio, viscoso, colloso, vischioso; umido, afoso, pesante; (fam) difficile, complicato, complesso; (fam) pignolo, meticoloso, pedante; (sl) spiacevole
Portuguese English To Portuguese - sticky 
adj. pegajoso; coberto por um adesivo; quente e úmido; difícil, complexo (Informal); desagradável, doloroso (Informal)
Russian English To Russian - sticky 
прил. липкий, липучий, клейкий; жаркий и влажный, душный; несговорчивый, очень неприятный; затруднительный, трудный
Turkish English To Turkish - sticky 
s. yapışkan, yapış yapış, yapışkanlı, aşırı nemli, rutubetli, ıslak, inatçı, zorlu, zor, tatsız, kötü, berbat, isteksiz, gönülsüz
Albanian English To Albanian - sticky 
adj. ngjitës, pavendosur: i pavendosur, lagështi: me lagështi
Dutch English To Dutch - sticky 
bn. kleverig; hard; tegen zijnde
Greek English To Greek - sticky 
επίθ. κολλώδης, γλοιώδης
ChineseS English To ChineseS - sticky 
(形) 粘的; 泥泞的; 涂有粘胶物质的; 湿热的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - sticky 
(形) 粘的; 泥濘的; 塗有粘膠物質的; 濕熱的
Japanese English To Japanese - sticky 
(形) べとべとする; 粘着性の; 難しい; 気難しい
Korean English To Korean - sticky 
형. 끈적끈적한; 끈끈한 것으로 뒤덮힌; 덮고 칙칙한; 어려운, 복잡한 (구어); 불쾌한, 쓰라린 ( 구어)
adjective: moist as with undried perspiration and with clothing sticking to the body Example:Felt sticky and chilly at the same time.
adjective: hot or warm and humid Example:Sticky weather.
adjective: hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment Example:A sticky question.
adjective: having the properties of glue


 Synonyms for sticky
adhesive: viscous, gluey, glutinous, gooey, gummy

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