[strangulate] v. strangle, choke to death, throttle by compressing the windpipe and preventing the intake of air, asphyxiate; become strangled; compress or obstruct a body passage (Physiology)
English - Spanish - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] v. estrangular
English - French - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] v. étrangler, étouffer
English - German - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] v. abschnüren; strangulieren, erwürgen
English - Italian - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] v. (Med) strozzare; strangolare
English - Portuguese - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] v. estrangular
English - Russian - strangulated Pronunciation
прил. ущемленный, сжатый
English - Turkish - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] f. boğmak, sıkmak, dolaşımı engellemek
English - Albanian - strangulated Pronunciation
adj. mbytur: i mbytur
English - Dutch - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] ww. wurgen
English - Greek - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] ρήμ. στραγγαλίζω, σφίγγω, πνίγω
English - Chinese - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] (动) 箝制血液的流行, 勒杀, 压缩; 窒息
English - Chinese - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] (動) 箝制血液的流行, 勒殺, 壓縮; 窒息
English - Japanese - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] (動) 縛る; 絞殺する
English - Korean - strangulated Pronunciation
[strangulate] 동. 교살하다, 질식시켜 죽이다; 교살되다; 협착하다(내과)
verb: become constricted Example:The hernia will strangulate.
verb: constrict a hollow organ or vessel so as to stop the flow of blood or air
verb: kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air

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