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Definition of stun

1. To incapacitate; especially by inducing disorientation or unconsciousness.
Bill tried to stun the snake by striking it on the head.
In many European countries cattle have to be stunned before slaughtering.
2. To shock or surprise.
The celebrity was stunned to find herself confronted with unfounded allegiations on the front page of a newspaper.
He stood there stunned, looking at the beautiful, breath-taking sunrise.
3. To hit the cue ball so that it slides without topspin or backspin (and with or without sidespin) and continues at a natural angle after contact with the object ball
4. The condition of being stunned.
5. A person who is deemed to be unintelligent.
6. The effect on the cue ball where the ball is hit without topspin, backspin or sidespin.
Williams will need a lot of stun to avoid going in the middle pocket
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English - English - stun

v. shock; astonish, astound; stupefy, daze
n. act of stunning; state of being stunned

English - Spanish - stun

v. aturdir, abrumar, asordar, atarantar, atolondrar, atontar, atontar con un gran ruido, atronar, causar pasmo, conmocionar, dejar atónito, dejar estupefacto, dejar pasmado, dejar sin sentido, pasmar
s. aturdimiento, perplejidad

English - French - stun

v. étourdir, assommer; renverser; abasourdir; stupéfier; étonner
n. étourdissement, stupéfaction

English - German - stun

v. erstaunen; betäuben, erschüttern
n. Schock, betäuben

English - Indonesian - stun

v. menyebabkan pingsan, menyebabkan kelengar, membisingkan, mengejuntukan: sangat mengejuntukan, mempesonakan, mempesona

English - Italian - stun

v. stordire, tramortire, far perdere i sensi a; sbalordire, sbigottire, stupire; frastornare, rintronare; intontire, istupidire; (sl) estasiare, mandare in estasi
s. choc

English - Polish - stun

v. ogłuszać, oszałamiać, oszołomić, ogłuszyć

English - Portuguese - stun

v. impressionar; abalar
s. choque, espanto, estado de choque

English - Romanian - stun

v. ameţi, ului, buimăci, copleşi, năuci

English - Russian - stun

г. свалить ударом, оглушать, ошеломлять, потрясти

English - Turkish - stun

f. sersemletmek, afallatmak, şaşırtmak

English - Ukrainian - stun

n. приголомшення, оглушення
v. приголомшувати, обморочувати, оглушати, приголомшити

English - Dutch - stun

ww. verbazen; ontzetten, schokken
zn. bewusteloos slaan; schokken, verwarren

English - Greek - stun

ρήμ. ζαλίζω, καταπλήσσω
ουσ. ζάλισμα

English - Arabic - stun

‏فقدان الصواب، ذهول، صدمة، صعق‏
‏دهش، خبل، صعق، صرع، دوخ، وصم، ذهل، فاجأ‏

English - Chinese - stun

(动) 使晕倒, 打晕, 使惊吓
(名) 晕眩, 惊倒, 打昏

English - Chinese - stun

(動) 使暈倒, 打暈, 使驚嚇
(名) 暈眩, 驚倒, 打昏

English - Hindi - stun

v. अचेत करना, बहिरा करना, घबड़ा देना, मूछिर्त करना, आश्चर्यचकित करना

English - Japanese - stun

(動) 衝撃を与える; 呆然とさせる; 肝をつぶさせる; 気絶させる
(名) 衝撃; 失神

English - Korean - stun

동. 기절시키다; 놀라게 하다; 어리둥절케 하다, 귀를 멍하게 하다
명. 충격

English - Vietnamese - stun

v. làm choáng váng, làm kinh ngạc
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Synonyms for stun
1. knock out: shock, dizzy, drug
2. confound: amaze, astonish, astound, bewilder, stupefy, overwhelm, overcome
Verb forms for stun
Present participle: stunning
Present: stun (3.person: stuns)
Past: stunned
Future: will stun
Present conditional: would stun
Present Perfect: have stunned (3.person: has stunned)
Past Perfect: had stunned
Future Perfect: will have stunned
Past conditional: would have stunned