Definition of submergence Pronunciation
1. The act of submerging or the state of being submerged; submersion
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English - English - submergence Pronunciation
n. act or process of being submerged, state of being submerged, immersion
English - Spanish - submergence Pronunciation
s. sumersión, inmersión, sumergimiento
English - French - submergence Pronunciation
n. submersion, le fait d'être submergé; immersion; inondation; noyade
English - German - submergence Pronunciation
n. Tauchgang; Eintauchen
English - Indonesian - submergence Pronunciation
n. penyelaman, perendaman
English - Italian - submergence Pronunciation
s. sottoimmersione, immersione
English - Polish - submergence Pronunciation
n. zatopienie, zanurzenie
English - Portuguese - submergence Pronunciation
s. submersão; imersão; batismo; mergulho; desaparecimento
English - Romanian - submergence Pronunciation
n. scufundare, submersiune, imersiune
English - Russian - submergence Pronunciation
с. погружение в воду, затопление
English - Turkish - submergence Pronunciation
English - Ukrainian - submergence Pronunciation
n. занурення у воду, затоплення
English - Dutch - submergence Pronunciation
zn. onderdompeling; overstroming
English - Greek - submergence Pronunciation
ουσ. καταβύθιση, κατάδυση
English - Arabic - submergence Pronunciation
‏غرق، غوص، غمر بالماء‏
English - Chinese - submergence Pronunciation
(名) 沉没, 浸入; 沉沦, 沦落; 淹没, 沉浸
English - Chinese - submergence Pronunciation
(名) 沈沒, 浸入; 沈淪, 淪落; 淹沒, 沈浸
English - Hindi - submergence Pronunciation
n. डुबकी
English - Japanese - submergence Pronunciation
(名) 水中に沈むこと
English - Korean - submergence Pronunciation
명. 잠수
English - Vietnamese - submergence Pronunciation
n. sự nhận xuống
v. sự lặn xuống

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