Definition of subterfuge Pronunciation
1. An indirect or deceptive device or stratagem; a blind. Refers especially to war and politics.
Overt subterfuge in a region nearly caused a minor accident.
2. Deception; misrepresentation of the true nature of an activity.
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English - English - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. deceptive stratagem, ruse, contrivance
n. subterfuge, deceptive stratagem
English - Spanish - subterfuge Pronunciation
s. subterfugio, argucia, artificio, efugio, elusión, escapatoria, evasiva
English - French - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. subterfuge
English - German - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. Täuschungsmanöver; Ausflucht
English - Indonesian - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. alasan, akal, dalih
English - Italian - subterfuge Pronunciation
s. raggiro, maneggio, inganno; sotterfugio, stratagemma, astuzia
English - Polish - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. wykręt, fortel, matactwo
English - Portuguese - subterfuge Pronunciation
s. pretexto; tática, artifício
English - Romanian - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. subterfugiu, chichiţă
English - Russian - subterfuge Pronunciation
с. увертка, отговорка, убежище
English - Turkish - subterfuge Pronunciation
i. kaçamak, bahane, hile
English - Ukrainian - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. викрут, покров, вилаз
French - English - subterfuge Pronunciation
(m) n. subterfuge, deceptive stratagem
English - Dutch - subterfuge Pronunciation
zn. uitvlucht
English - Greek - subterfuge Pronunciation
ουσ. υπεκφυγή, τέχνασμα
French - Spanish - subterfuge Pronunciation
(tromperie) subterfugio (m)
French - German - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. hinterlist
French - Italian - subterfuge Pronunciation
(tromperie) sotterfugio (m)
French - Portuguese - subterfuge Pronunciation
(tromperie) subterfúgio (m)
French - Russian - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. уловка (m)
French - Dutch - subterfuge Pronunciation
(tromperie) uitvlucht (m/f)
English - Arabic - subterfuge Pronunciation
‏خدعة، حيلة، ذريعة‏
English - Chinese - subterfuge Pronunciation
(名) 遁辞, 托辞, 借口
English - Chinese - subterfuge Pronunciation
(名) 遁辭, 托辭, 藉口
English - Hindi - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. बहाना, टाल-मटूल, छल, चाल, जोड़-तोड़, दाँव-पेंच
English - Japanese - subterfuge Pronunciation
(名) 言いわけ; 策略
English - Korean - subterfuge Pronunciation
명. 도망갈 구실, 속임수
English - Vietnamese - subterfuge Pronunciation
n. mưu kế để thoái thác, sự từ chối khéo, sự thoái thác

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Synonyms for subterfuge
ruse: artifice, dodge, evasion, machination, manoeuvre, device, shift