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English French To English - sud 
adj. south
English German To English - sud 
n. decoction, extract acquired by boiling
English Italian To English - sud 
adj. south, South African
English Spanish To English - sud 
n. south, direction opposite north on the compass, direction at one's right when facing the rising sun
Dutch French To Dutch - sud 
1. (direction) zuidelijk; zuid-; zuider-
2. (direction) zuiden (n)
German French To German - sud 
n. süd, süden
Italian French To Italian - sud 
1. (direction) sud; a sud
2. (direction) sud (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - sud 
1. (direction) sul
2. (direction) sul (m)
Russian French To Russian - sud 
n. юг (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - sud 
1. (direction) sur; sud; del sur
2. (direction) sur (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - sud 
[le] güney
French German To French - sud 
n. eau de cuisson (f), décoction (f)
Russian German To Russian - sud 
n. навар (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - sud 
n. decocción (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - sud 
i. pişirme (m)
French Italian To French - sud 
1. (direzione) sud; au sud
2. (direzione) sud (m)
German Italian To German - sud 
n. süd, süden
French Spanish To French - sud 
(dirección) sud; au sud
Russian Turkish To Russian - sud 
n. сода (F)


 Synonyms for sud
1. midi:
2. austral: antarctique,

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