English - Definiton of suffer Pronunciation
v. feel pain, experience loss or harm, endure misfortune; be punished; tolerate, endure; stand, bear; allow, permit
adj. dull, muzzy
n. dotard, duffer, dullard, muff, poke, yo yo, Sammy
English - Spanish - suffer Pronunciation
v. sufrir, adolecer, aguantar, angustiarse, aquejarse, carecer, padecer, penar
English - French - suffer Pronunciation
v. éprouver; subir; souffrir; endurer; ressentir (douleur), être puni, tolérer
English - German - suffer Pronunciation
v. leiden
English - Italian - suffer Pronunciation
v. soffrire, patire; subire danno, essere danneggiato; essere punito; essere giustiziato
English - Portuguese - suffer Pronunciation
v. sofrer; ter prejuízo; tolerar
English - Russian - suffer Pronunciation
г. страдать, выстрадать, испытывать, вытерпеть, претерпевать, потерпеть, терпеть, сносить, позволять, дозволять
English - Turkish - suffer Pronunciation
f. acı çekmek, çekmek, zarar görmek, katlanmak, cezasını çekmek, acısını çekmek, kıvranmak, zayiat vermek, izin vermek, göz yummak
Dutch - English - suffer Pronunciation
n. dotard, duffer, dullard, muff, poke, yo-yo, sammy
English - Albanian - suffer Pronunciation
v. vuaj, ndjej, provoj, lejoj
English - Dutch - suffer Pronunciation
ww. lijden; boeten; verwond raken
English - Greek - suffer Pronunciation
ρήμ. υποφέρω, πάσχω, δεινοπαθώ
Dutch - French - suffer Pronunciation
1. (gedrag - man) abruti (m); nul (m); cruche (f); cloche (f)
2. (gedrag - vrouw) cruche {informal}; gourde {informal}; personne incompétente
English - Chinese - suffer Pronunciation
(动) 受痛苦, 受损害; 遭受, 忍受, 经历
English - Chinese - suffer Pronunciation
(動) 受痛苦, 受損害; 遭受, 忍受, 經歷
English - Japanese - suffer Pronunciation
(動) 苦しむ; 損害を受ける; 患う; 受ける; 我慢する
English - Korean - suffer Pronunciation
동. 고통받다, 어려움을 겪다; 벌받다; 참다, 견디다; 허용하다
verb: undergo or be subjected to Example:He suffered the penalty.
verb: undergo or suffer Example:Suffer a terrible fate.
verb: be given to Example:She suffers from a tendency to talk too much.
verb: feel pain or be in pain
verb: undergo (as of injuries and illnesses) Example:She suffered a fracture in the accident.
verb: feel unwell or uncomfortable Example:She is suffering from the hot weather.
verb: endure (emotional pain) Example:Every time her husband gets drunk, she suffers.
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Synonyms for suffer
1. ail: hurt, languish, droop, writhe, agonise, agonize, sicken
2. sustain: endure, tolerate, bear, stand, stomach, undergo, permit
Verb forms for suffer
Present participle: suffering
Present: suffer (3.person: suffers)
Past: suffered
Future: will suffer
Present conditional: would suffer
Present Perfect: have suffered (3.person: has suffered)
Past Perfect: had suffered
Future Perfect: will have suffered
Past conditional: would have suffered