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English English - Definition of suffix 
n. affix added on to the end of a word (Grammar)
v. add an affix to the end of a word so as to alter its meaning (Grammar)
n. suffix, ending
Spanish English To Spanish - suffix 
s. sufijo, afijo, postfijo, segmento final; subíndice
v. añadir como sufijo
French English To French - suffix 
n. suffixe
v. suffixer
German English To German - suffix 
n. Nachsilbe, Suffix
v. suffigieren
Italian English To Italian - suffix 
s. (Ling) suffisso
v. (Ling) suffigere
Portuguese English To Portuguese - suffix 
s. sufixo
v. acrescentar sufixo
Russian English To Russian - suffix 
с. суффикс, окончание
г. прибавлять суффикс
Turkish English To Turkish - suffix 
f. sonuna eklemek, sonek olarak yazmak, eklemek
i. sonek
English German To English - suffix 
n. affix added on to the end of a word (Grammar)
English Dutch To English - suffix 
n. extension, suffix
Albanian English To Albanian - suffix 
n. prapashtesë
Dutch English To Dutch - suffix 
zn. suffiks
ww. achtervoegen
Greek English To Greek - suffix 
ουσ. πρόσφυμα, κατάληξη
ρήμ. επισυνάπτω κατάληξη
French Dutch To French - suffix 
(linguïstiek) suffixe (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - suffix 
(名) 字尾; 添标; 下标
(动) 加...作字尾
ChineseT English To ChineseT - suffix 
(名) 字尾; 添標; 下標
(動) 加...作字尾
Japanese English To Japanese - suffix 
(名) 接尾辞
(動) 接尾辞が付く; 接尾辞を付ける
Korean English To Korean - suffix 
명. 접미사(문법)
동. 접미사로서 붙이다, 접미사가 붙다
ChineseS German To ChineseS - suffix 
[der] pl.Suffixe 词尾。字尾。下标。
French German To French - suffix 
n. suffixe (m)
Italian German To Italian - suffix 
n. suffisso (m)
Russian German To Russian - suffix 
n. суффикс (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - suffix 
n. sufijo (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - suffix 
i. son ek (n)
noun: an affix that is added at the end of the word
verb: attach a suffix to Example:Suffix words.


 Synonyms for suffix
add-on: appendage, addition, affix, appendix, tag, tab
Tenses for suffix
Present participle: suffixing
Present: suffix (3.person: suffixes)
Past: suffixed
Future: will suffix
Present conditional: would suffix
Present Perfect: have suffixed (3.person: has suffixed)
Past Perfect: had suffixed
Future Perfect: will have suffixed
Past conditional: would have suffixed

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