adj. evocative, reminiscent; implied, not described in detail; tending to suggest something indecent or improper
adj. suggestive, evocative, indicative
English - Spanish - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. sugerente, alusivo, evocador, evocativo, insinuante, sugeridor, sugestivo
English - French - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. suggestif, évocateur
English - German - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. suggestiv
English - Italian - suggestive Pronunciation
agg. indicativo, che significa, che denota; che richiama alla mente, evocativo, suggestivo; provocante, spinto, sfacciato
English - Portuguese - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. sugestivo
English - Russian - suggestive Pronunciation
прил. вызывающий мысли; соблазнительный; намекающий на что-л. непристойное, неприличный
English - Turkish - suggestive Pronunciation
s. hatırlatıcı, fikir verici, imalı, akıl çelen, müstehcen, telkin edici
French - English - suggestive Pronunciation
[suggestif] adj. suggestive, evocative, reminiscent
English - Albanian - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. kujtoj: që të kujton, mendje: që të sjell në mendje
English - Dutch - suggestive Pronunciation
bn. suggestief, toespelend op
English - Greek - suggestive Pronunciation
επίθ. υπαινικτικός, υπαινισσόμενος, υποδηλωτικός
English - Chinese - suggestive Pronunciation
(形) 提示性的, 暗示的, 影射的
English - Chinese - suggestive Pronunciation
(形) 提示性的, 暗示的, 影射的
English - Japanese - suggestive Pronunciation
(形) 暗示に富む; 思わせる; いかがわしい
English - Korean - suggestive Pronunciation
형. 생각나게 하는; 암시적인, 시사적인; 함축성 있는
adjective: tending to suggest or imply Example:Artifacts suggestive of an ancient society.
adjective: (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly
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Synonyms for suggestive
expressive: implicative, symbolic, significant