Definition of suggestive Pronunciation
1. Tending to suggest or imply.
The painting is abstract, but the colors are suggestive of fruit or the Mediterranean.
2. Suggesting romance, sex, etc.
She crossed her legs and shot him a suggestive smile.
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English - English - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. evocative, reminiscent; implied, not described in detail; tending to suggest something indecent or improper
adj. suggestive, evocative, indicative
English - Spanish - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. sugerente, alusivo, evocador, evocativo, insinuante, sugeridor, sugestivo
English - French - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. suggestif, évocateur
English - German - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. suggestiv
English - Italian - suggestive Pronunciation
agg. indicativo, che significa, che denota; che richiama alla mente, evocativo, suggestivo; provocante, spinto, sfacciato
English - Portuguese - suggestive Pronunciation
adj. sugestivo
English - Russian - suggestive Pronunciation
прил. вызывающий мысли; соблазнительный; намекающий на что-л. непристойное, неприличный
English - Turkish - suggestive Pronunciation
s. hatırlatıcı, fikir verici, imalı, akıl çelen, müstehcen, telkin edici
French - English - suggestive Pronunciation
[suggestif] adj. suggestive, evocative, reminiscent
English - Dutch - suggestive Pronunciation
bn. suggestief, toespelend op
English - Greek - suggestive Pronunciation
επίθ. υπαινικτικός, υπαινισσόμενος, υποδηλωτικός
English - Chinese - suggestive Pronunciation
(形) 提示性的, 暗示的, 影射的
English - Chinese - suggestive Pronunciation
(形) 提示性的, 暗示的, 影射的
English - Japanese - suggestive Pronunciation
(形) 暗示に富む; 思わせる; いかがわしい
English - Korean - suggestive Pronunciation
형. 생각나게 하는; 암시적인, 시사적인; 함축성 있는

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Synonyms for suggestive
expressive: implicative, symbolic, significant