n. surface; external appearance
n. superficies, surface, size, area, extent
n. surface, exterior or upper boundary of a thing, external part or layer; outward appearance; face; area
English - Spanish - superficies Pronunciation
s. superficie
English - French - superficies Pronunciation
n. superficie
English - German - superficies Pronunciation
n. Oberfläche, Außenseite
English - Italian - superficies Pronunciation
s. superficie, area
English - Portuguese - superficies Pronunciation
s. superfície; forma exterior
English - Russian - superficies Pronunciation
с. поверхность, наружная поверхность, территория, область, внешний вид
English - Turkish - superficies Pronunciation
i. yüzey, satıh, dış görünüş
English - Albanian - superficies Pronunciation
n. sipërfaqe, syprinë, pamje e jashtme
English - Dutch - superficies Pronunciation
zn. oppervlakte; buitenzijde
English - Greek - superficies Pronunciation
ουσ. εξωτερική επιφάνεια
English - Chinese - superficies Pronunciation
(名) 表面; 外表; 面积; 外形
English - Chinese - superficies Pronunciation
(名) 表面; 外表; 面積; 外形
English - Japanese - superficies Pronunciation
(名) 表面; 外観
English - Korean - superficies Pronunciation
명. 표면
noun: outer surface of an area or a body
noun: the purely external aspect of a thing; superficial appearance Example:The audience was held by the substance of the play rather than by the superficies of the production-R.
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