n. direction, management, administration
n. superintendence, surveillance, supervision
English - Spanish - supervision Pronunciation
s. supervisión, control, gerencia, supervigilancia
English - French - supervision Pronunciation
n. surveillance, inspection
English - German - supervision Pronunciation
n. Beaufsichtigung
English - Italian - supervision Pronunciation
s. supervisione, soprintendenza; sorveglianza, controllo, vigilanza; (Ped) ispezione scolastica
English - Portuguese - supervision Pronunciation
s. supervisão
English - Russian - supervision Pronunciation
с. надзор, наблюдение, надсмотр, просмотр, заведование
English - Turkish - supervision Pronunciation
i. denetleme, teftiş, idare, kontrol, gözetim, nezaret
French - English - supervision Pronunciation
supervision, Supervision
English - Albanian - supervision Pronunciation
n. mbikëqyrje, kontroll, drejtim
English - Dutch - supervision Pronunciation
zn. toezicht
English - Greek - supervision Pronunciation
ουσ. επίβλεψη, εποπτεία
French - Spanish - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisión (m)
French - German - supervision Pronunciation
n. oberaufsicht, überwachung
French - Italian - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisione (f); soprintendenza (f)
French - Portuguese - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisão (f)
French - Dutch - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisie (f); toezicht (n)
English - Chinese - supervision Pronunciation
(名) 监督; 管理
English - Chinese - supervision Pronunciation
(名) 監督; 管理
English - Japanese - supervision Pronunciation
(名) 監督
English - Korean - supervision Pronunciation
명. 감독, 관리
noun: management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group

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Synonyms for supervision
perception: observation, attention, view, surveillance, notice, regard, looking