Definition of supervision Pronunciation
1. The act or instance of supervising.
Under his parents' supervision he drilled the holes in the wood.
2. Responsible oversight.
Do not attempt this without adequate supervision.
3. A tutorial session for an individual student or a small group.
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English - English - supervision Pronunciation
n. direction, management, administration
n. superintendence, surveillance, supervision
English - Spanish - supervision Pronunciation
s. supervisión, control, gerencia, supervigilancia
English - French - supervision Pronunciation
n. surveillance, inspection
English - German - supervision Pronunciation
n. Beaufsichtigung
English - Indonesian - supervision Pronunciation
n. pengawasan, urusan, pengurusan, penjagaan, pimpinan, pengelolaan
English - Italian - supervision Pronunciation
s. supervisione, soprintendenza; sorveglianza, controllo, vigilanza; (Ped) ispezione scolastica
English - Polish - supervision Pronunciation
n. dozorowanie, nadzór, nadzorowanie, dozór, dogląd, doglądanie, kierownictwo
English - Portuguese - supervision Pronunciation
s. supervisão
English - Romanian - supervision Pronunciation
n. supraveghere, control, îngrijire
English - Russian - supervision Pronunciation
с. надзор, наблюдение, надсмотр, просмотр, заведование
English - Turkish - supervision Pronunciation
i. denetleme, teftiş, idare, kontrol, gözetim, nezaret
English - Ukrainian - supervision Pronunciation
n. нагляд, завідування, дозір, догляд
French - English - supervision Pronunciation
supervision, Supervision
English - Dutch - supervision Pronunciation
zn. toezicht
English - Greek - supervision Pronunciation
ουσ. επίβλεψη, εποπτεία
French - Spanish - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisión (m)
French - German - supervision Pronunciation
n. oberaufsicht, überwachung
French - Italian - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisione (f); soprintendenza (f)
French - Portuguese - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisão (f)
French - Dutch - supervision Pronunciation
(travail) supervisie (f); toezicht (n)
English - Arabic - supervision Pronunciation
‏مراقبة، إشراف، رقابة‏
English - Chinese - supervision Pronunciation
(名) 监督; 管理
English - Chinese - supervision Pronunciation
(名) 監督; 管理
English - Hindi - supervision Pronunciation
n. प्रबंध, देख-भाल, निरीक्षण, रहनुमाई, अगुआई
English - Japanese - supervision Pronunciation
(名) 監督
English - Korean - supervision Pronunciation
명. 감독, 관리
English - Vietnamese - supervision Pronunciation
n. sự giám thị, sự trông nom, sự giám đốc

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Synonyms for supervision
perception: observation, attention, view, surveillance, notice, regard, looking