Definition of support Pronunciation
1. A musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts.
2. Any device that bears the weight of another thing.
There was no place to attach supports for a shelf.
3. Supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation.
The statue stood on a marble support.
4. Something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest.
The policy found little public support.
His faith was all the support he needed.
The team enjoyed the support of their fans.
5. A military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission.
They called for artillery support.
6. The act of bearing the weight of or strengthening.
He leaned against the wall for support.
7. Documentary validation.
His documentation of the results was excellent.
The strongest support for this view is the work of Jones.
8. The activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities.
His support kept the family together.
They gave him emotional support during difficult times.
9. Aiding the cause or policy or interests of.
The president no longer has the support of his own party.
They developed a scheme of mutual support.
10. Financial resources provided to make some project possible.
The foundation provided support for the experiment.
11. The financial means whereby one lives.
Each child was expected to pay for their keep.
He applied to the state for support.
He could no longer earn his own livelihood.
12. Be behind; approve of.
He plumped for the Labor Party.
I backed Kennedy in 1960.
13. Give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to.
She supported him during the illness.
Her children always backed her up.
14. Support materially or financially.
He does not support his natural children.
The scholarship supported me when I was in college.
15. Play a subordinate role to (another performer).
Olivier supported Gielgud beautifully in the second act.
16. Be the physical support of; carry the weight of.
The beam holds up the roof.
He supported me with one hand while I balanced on the beam.
What's holding that mirror?.
17. Put up with something or somebody unpleasant.
I cannot bear his constant criticism.
The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks.
He learned to tolerate the heat.
She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage.
18. Establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts.
His story confirmed my doubts.
The evidence supports the defendant.
19. Adopt as a belief.
I subscribe to your view on abortion.
20. Be a regular customer or client of.
We patronize this store.
Our sponsor kept our art studio going for as long as he could.
21. Argue or speak in defense of.
She supported the motion to strike.
22. Support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm.
The stories and claims were born out by the evidence.
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English - English - support Pronunciation
n. act of supporting, act of holding up; prop, brace; economic assistance, upkeep; encouragement, aid
v. uphold, prop, brace; bear, carry; encourage; financially assist, provide for; substantiate, corroborate, affirm
n. support, stand, backing; bearing, standard
English - Spanish - support Pronunciation
s. apoyo, arrimadero, arrimo, ayuda, báculo, espaldarazo, estribadero, patrocinio, propugnación, puntal, respaldo, soporte, sostén, sostenimiento, sustanciación, sustentación, sustentáculo
v. sostener, apoyar, dar soporte a, dar sostén a, mantener, propugnar, soportar, sustentar; abogar por, acuerpar, apadrinar, dar asistencia a, patrocinar, respaldar, secundar, solidarizarse
English - French - support Pronunciation
n. support; appui, soutien; ressources, assitance, aide, encouragement; pilier
v. supporter, soutenir, appuyer; affirmer; maintenir; assister; renforcer; confirmer, corroborer; encourager; entretenir, subvenir, faire vivre
English - German - support Pronunciation
n. Unterstützung; Lebensunterhalt; Versorgung
v. unterstützen, tragen; zum Ziel wählen; helfen; bestätigen; bekräftigen, ermutigen; ernähren
English - Indonesian - support Pronunciation
n. sokongan, bantuan, pendukungan, pendukung, tunjangan, beking, tiang, cagak, penunjang, penyokong, jaminan penghidupan, sandaran, tumpuan, ganjal, andukan, pendatang, jagang, bantalan
v. menyangga, mengampu, menggalang, memperkalang, menghidupi, membantu penghidupan, memberi nafkah, menaruh, menaruhkan, menyokong, memberi sokongan, mendukung, menunjang, membantu, membeking, menumpu, menyandari, memapah, membenarkan
English - Italian - support Pronunciation
s. sostegno, appoggio, puntello; aiuto; sostentamento, mezzi di sostentamento; mantenimento; convalida, convalidamento, conferma; (Pitt, Fot, tecn) supporto
v. sostenere, reggere, sorreggere, sopportare; aiutare, confortare; appoggiare; mantenere, provvedere a; sovvenzionare, finanziare, aiutare finanziariamente; tollerare; suffragare, corroborare
English - Polish - support Pronunciation
n. poparcie, podparcie, podstawka, wsparcie, oparcie, podpora, podkładka, podpórka, poplecznictwo, baza, ostoja, utrzymanie, podtrzymywanie, podtrzymywacz, obrońca, wspornik, żywiciel
v. podpierać, podtrzymywać, utrzymać, popierać, wspierać, cierpieć, dźwigać, sekundować, podeprzeć, podtrzymać, utrzymywać, poprzeć, wesprzeć, dźwignąć
English - Portuguese - support Pronunciation
s. apoio, suporte; sustento
v. apoiar; carregar; sustentar; abraçar uma causa, apoiar uma idéia; auxiliar, confirmar; encorajar
English - Romanian - support Pronunciation
n. sprijin, reazem, ajutor, sprijinire, susţinere, suport, rezemare, protecţie, bază, căpătâi, cârjă, hrană, întreţinere, subzistenţă, adăpost, stâlp, consolă, postament, mângâiere
v. sprijini, susţine, secunda, ajuta, proteja, încuraja, favoriza, duce, îngriji de, întreţine, suporta, ţine, alimenta, răbda, îndura, tolera
English - Russian - support Pronunciation
с. поддержка, помощь, опора; кормилец семьи; средства к существованию; прикрытие артиллерии; кронштейн, опорная стойка, штатив
г. поддерживать; подпирать; помогать; содержать; подтверждать; играть вторые роли, участвовать в эпизодах
English - Turkish - support Pronunciation
f. desteklemek, para yardımı yapmak, dayamak, destek olmak, güç vermek, para sağlamak, taraftarı olmak, kuvvetlendirmek, özendirmek, yardım etmek, cesaret vermek, tutmak, geçindirmek, bakmak, sürdürmek, takviye etmek, ısrar etmek, doğrulamak, kanıtlamak,
i. destek, arka, yardım, altlık, takviye, dayanak, payanda, doğrulama, arka çıkma, yardımcı oyuncu, yardımcı oyuncular
English - Ukrainian - support Pronunciation
n. підтримка, опора, існування: засоби для існування, підкріплення, підпірка, підставка, штатив
v. підтримувати, підсобляти, сприяти, допомагати, видержати, видержувати, викормити, викормлювати, викормляти, держати, допомогти, підкріплювати, приєднуватися, тримати
French - English - support Pronunciation
(m) n. support, stand, backing; bearing, standard
German - English - support Pronunciation
v. uphold, prop, brace; bear, carry; encourage; financially assist, provide for; substantiate, corroborate, affirm
English - Dutch - support Pronunciation
zn. steun; broodwinning, levensonderhoud; ondersteuning
ww. ondersteuning, dragen, voorstaan; hulp verlenen; toestemmen; versterken; aanmoedigen; onderhouden
English - Greek - support Pronunciation
ουσ. επιδότηση, συμπαράσταση, συντήρηση, υποστήριγμα, υποστήριξη
ρήμ. στηρίζω, στυλώνω, υποστηρίζω, συντηρώ, ανέχομαι
French - Spanish - support Pronunciation
1. (général) puntal (m); soporte (m) 2. (objet) soporte (m); apoyo (m)
3. (finance) respaldo (m); reserva (f) 4. (construction) soporte (m); puntal (m); riostra (f)
5. (encouragement) aliento (m); ánimo (m); apoyo (m) 6. (assistance) asistencia (f); ayuda (f); socorro (m); concurso (m); auxilio (m)
French - German - support Pronunciation
n. stütze, halterung, gabel, unterlage, sockel, halter, ständer, untergrund, halt, datenträger, informationsträger, gestell, untergestell
French - Italian - support Pronunciation
1. (général) sostegno (m) 2. (objet) supporto (m); appoggio (m); sostegno (m)
3. (finance) sostegno (m); appoggio (m) 4. (construction) supporto (m); puntone (m); sostegno (m)
5. (encouragement) incoraggiamento (m); sostegno morale 6. (assistance) assistenza (f); aiuto (m); sostegno (m); appoggio (m)
French - Portuguese - support Pronunciation
1. (général) suporte (m) 2. (objet) suporte (m); apoio (m)
3. (finance) reserva (f); fundo de reserva 4. (construction) sustento (m); viga (f); poste (m); suporte (m)
5. (encouragement) encorajamento (m); apoio moral 6. (assistance) assistência (f); ajuda (f); socorro (m); auxílio (m)
French - Russian - support Pronunciation
n. поддержка (перен.) (m), опора (m), кронштейн (m), стойка (m), поддон (m), суппорт (m), штатив (m), линия действия (силы) (тех.) (m), основание фундамента (тех.) (m), носитель (информации) (тех.) (m), база (тех.) (m)
держатель (тех.) (m), державка (тех.) (m), подпорка (тех.) (m), подкос (тех.) (m), поддержка (тех.) (m), каркас (тех.) (m)
French - Turkish - support Pronunciation
[le] destek, hamil; dayanak
German - Russian - support Pronunciation
n. суппорт (m)
French - Dutch - support Pronunciation
1. (général) steun (m); stut (m) 2. (objet) steun (m)
3. (finance) steun (m); ondersteuning (f) 4. (construction) steun (m); stut (m)
5. (encouragement) aanmoediging (f); morele steun (m) 6. (assistance) bijstand (m); hulp (m/f); assistentie (f); steun (m)
English - Arabic - support Pronunciation
‏مساعد، مساعدة، دعامة، سند، دعم، سناد، تأييد، نجدة، حامل، الدعم، العماد‏
‏سند، دعم، أيد، أعال، ساعد، إحتمل، تحمل، قام بنفقة كذا، قوى، ناصر، شجع‏
English - Chinese - support Pronunciation
(名) 支撑; 支援, 支持
(动) 支撑, 扶持, 支托; 资助; 支持, 赞成, 拥护; 忍受, 忍耐
English - Chinese - support Pronunciation
(名) 支撐; 支援, 支持
(動) 支撐, 扶持, 支托; 資助; 支援, 贊成, 擁護; 忍受, 忍耐
English - Hindi - support Pronunciation
n. समर्थन, संबल, भरोसा, सहारा, आसरा, आश्रय, अवलंब, शह, उपजीविका, पक्ष
v. संभालना, पालना, भरण-पोषण करना, सहारा देना, प्रोत्साहन देना, समर्थन करना
a. उपजीवन
English - Japanese - support Pronunciation
(動) 支える; 支持する; 扶養する; 金銭的に援助する
(名) 支え; 支柱; 生計をたてること; 生活費
English - Korean - support Pronunciation
명. 지지, 후원; 버팀목; 경제적 후원; 지원, 도움
동. 버티다, 유지하다; 참다, 부양하다; 지원하다; 재정적으로 원조하다; 확증하다, 증거를 대다
English - Vietnamese - support Pronunciation
n. sự giúp đở, sự ủng hộ, người nhờ cậy
v. chống đở, ủng hộ, chịu đựng
German - Chinese - support Pronunciation

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Verb forms for support
Present participle: supporting
Present: support (3.person: supports)
Past: supported
Future: will support
Present conditional: would support
Present Perfect: have supported (3.person: has supported)
Past Perfect: had supported
Future Perfect: will have supported
Past conditional: would have supported