Definition of sustain Pronunciation
1. A mechanism which can be used to hold a note, as the right pedal on a piano.
2. To maintain, or keep in existence.
3. To provide for or nourish.
Provisions to sustain an army
4. To encourage (something).
5. To experience or suffer (an injury, etc.).
6. To confirm, prove, or corroborate.
To sustain a charge, an accusation, or a proposition
7. To keep from falling; to bear; to uphold; to support.
A foundation sustains the superstructure; an animal sustains a load; a rope sustains a weight.
8. To aid, comfort, or relieve; to vindicate.
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English - English - sustain Pronunciation
v. support, provide for, finance; support from below; nourish; assist; encourage, comfort; endure, withstand; prolong, maintain, preserve; experience, undergo; uphold, affirm; confirm
English - Spanish - sustain Pronunciation
v. sustentar, dar ayuda a, mantener, soportar, sostener; afirmar, creer
English - French - sustain Pronunciation
v. soutenir, supporter; endurer, subir, éprouver; prolonger; recevoir
English - German - sustain Pronunciation
v. ertragen, unterstützen; erleiden; verlängern; empfangen; aufrechterhalten, unterhalten, am Leben halten
English - Italian - sustain Pronunciation
v. sostenere, sorreggere, sopportare; resistere a; essere di aiuto a; confortare, aiutare; mantenere, provvedere al sostentamento di; subire, patire, soffrire; confermare, corroborare, convalidare
English - Portuguese - sustain Pronunciation
v. sustentar, carregar; manter; prolongar; receber
English - Russian - sustain Pronunciation
г. подпирать, поддерживать, подкреплять, испытывать, выдерживать, выносить, доказывать, подтверждать
English - Turkish - sustain Pronunciation
f. desteklemek, taşımak, çekmek, katlanmak, uğramak, maruz kalmak, geçindirmek, finanse etmek, devam ettirmek, sürdürmek, kabul etmek, onaylamak, doğrulamak, cesaret vermek, güç vermek, hakkını vererek yapmak, notayı uzatmak, iyi oynamak (rol)
English - Dutch - sustain Pronunciation
ww. houden,dragen; ondersteunen; lijden; verlengen; krijgen,verkrijgen
English - Greek - sustain Pronunciation
ρήμ. υποστηρίζω, βαστάζω, συντηρώ, υποφέρω
English - Chinese - sustain Pronunciation
(动) 支撑; 维持, 供养; 承受, 承担; 支援
English - Chinese - sustain Pronunciation
(動) 支撐; 維持, 供養; 承受, 承擔; 支援
English - Japanese - sustain Pronunciation
(動) 支える; 下から支える; 支援する; 維持する; 元気づける; 養う; 延ばす; 経験する; 断定する
English - Korean - sustain Pronunciation
동. 버티다, 유지하다; 부양하다; 돕다; 격려하다, 위로하다; 견디다, 지탱하다; 상처를 입다, 겪다; 떠받치다; 확증하다

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Synonyms for sustain
1. endure: bear, suffer, undergo, support
2. support: uphold, carry, bear up, hold up
3. nourish: nurture, support, subsist, maintain
4. support: aid, help, defend, supply, furnish, befriend, cater
5. confirm: approve, ratify, justify, corroborate, uphold, establish
Verb forms for sustain
Present participle: sustaining
Present: sustain (3.person: sustains)
Past: sustained
Future: will sustain
Present conditional: would sustain
Present Perfect: have sustained (3.person: has sustained)
Past Perfect: had sustained
Future Perfect: will have sustained
Past conditional: would have sustained