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English English - Definition of swatting 
[swat] v. smack, strike, slap
Spanish English To Spanish - swatting 
[swat] v. aplastar con palmeta, matar de un palmetazo
French English To French - swatting 
[swat] v. frapper; taper; écraser (bestioles)
German English To German - swatting 
[swat] v. quetschen, Fliegen fangen
Italian English To Italian - swatting 
[swat] v. schiacciare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - swatting 
[swat] v. golpear, dar tacada, matar moscas
Russian English To Russian - swatting 
[swat] г. ударять, хлопнуть, шлепнуть
Turkish English To Turkish - swatting 
[swat] f. vurmak, vurup ezmek, ezmek
Dutch English To Dutch - swatting 
[swat] ww. slaan, meppen; doodmeppen (vlieg)
Greek English To Greek - swatting 
[swat] ρήμ. κτυπώ, χτυπώ, χτυπώ βιαίως, κτυπώ βιαίως
ChineseS English To ChineseS - swatting 
[swat] (动) 猛击, 重拍, 用力打下去
ChineseT English To ChineseT - swatting 
[swat] (動) 猛擊, 重拍, 用力打下去
Japanese English To Japanese - swatting 
[swat] (動) ピシャリと打つ, 叩く; 長打する
Korean English To Korean - swatting 
[swat] 동. 탁하고 때리다, 가볍게 때리다
noun: a sharp blow
verb: hit swiftly with a violent blow Example:Swat flies.


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