Definition of sweeping Pronunciation
1. The act of cleaning with a broom.
2. Ignoring distinctions.
Sweeping generalizations.
Wholesale destruction.
3. Taking in or moving over (or as if over) a wide area; often used in combination.
A sweeping glance.
A wide-sweeping view of the river.
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English - English - sweeping Pronunciation
adj. extensive, general, having a wide range; moving over or through a large area; moving rapidly and forcefully
n. removal of dust and dirt with a broom
English - Spanish - sweeping Pronunciation
adj. barredero, arrollador
s. barrido, barredura, barrida
English - French - sweeping Pronunciation
adj. rapide; circulaire, large; général
n. balayage; entraînement
English - German - sweeping Pronunciation
[sweep] v. fegen; kehren; ausfegen; spülen
adj. fegend; umfassend; total
n. Dahinfegen; Fegen; Schwung; Stürmen
English - Italian - sweeping Pronunciation
agg. ampio; che spazia; (fig) generico, di carattere generale; (fig) totale, schiacciante, travolgente; radicale; impetuoso, irresistibile
s. spazzatura, scopatura
English - Portuguese - sweeping Pronunciation
adj. envolvente (um assunto envolvente); abrangente; geral, total, integral
s. varredura; erosão
English - Russian - sweeping Pronunciation
прил. широкий, с большим охватом, стремительный, быстрый, решительный, не делающий различий, огульный
с. уборка, подметание, сор, мусор
English - Turkish - sweeping Pronunciation
s. süpüren, şiddetli, sert esen, geniş bir alanı kapsayan, coşkulu, nefes kesici, ezici, geniş kapsamlı, köklü, radikal, genel
English - Dutch - sweeping Pronunciation
bn. meeslepen; omvangend; algemeen
zn. het vegen
English - Greek - sweeping Pronunciation
επίθ. ευρύς, ευρύτατος, περιεκτικός, σαρωτικός
ουσ. σκούπισμα
English - Chinese - sweeping Pronunciation
(形) 扫荡的, 广泛的, 彻底的
(名) 打扫, 清扫; 扫拢的垃圾
English - Chinese - sweeping Pronunciation
(形) 掃蕩的, 廣泛的, 徹底的
(名) 打掃, 清掃; 掃攏的垃圾
English - Japanese - sweeping Pronunciation
(形) 広範囲な; 広い範囲を動く; 猛烈な, 速く力強く動く; 圧倒的な; 徹底的な; 大々的な
(名) 掃き寄せたもの; 掃除; 一掃すること
(動) 掃く, 掃き出す, 掃除する; 一掃する; 捜査する; 圧勝する; 吹き飛ばす; 押し流す; 軽快で上品に動く; 速く動く
English - Korean - sweeping Pronunciation
형. 포괄적인, 전반적인; 일소하는, 밀어 내리는
명. 청소

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Synonyms for sweeping
1. overstated: exaggerated, extravagant, hasty, unqualified
2. vast: broad, wide, extensive, indiscriminate, comprehensive, wholesale