English - Definiton of table Pronunciation
n. piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; meal, food placed on a table; list of information arranged in columns and rows, chart; flat surface; plateau, flat area of land at the top of a hill
v. place on a table; enter information into a chart or table; postpone, set aside for future consideration
n. table, piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; board, food
English - Spanish - table Pronunciation
s. mesa; tabla, cuadro; meseta, altiplano
v. poner sobre una mesa, poner sobre la mesa; deferir
English - French - table Pronunciation
n. table, meuble fait d'une ou de plusieurs planches reposant horizontalement sur un ou plusieurs pieds; surface plane en pierre ou métal sur laquelle on, eput écrire ou graver qqch; tableau; barème, surface plane; plateau, zone plate d'une région ou colline
v. présenter; s'attabler, se mettre à table
English - German - table Pronunciation
n. Tabelle, Inhaltsverzeichnis; Logarithmentafel; Tisch
v. einbringen (Resolution); auf den Tisch Legen
English - Italian - table Pronunciation
s. tavolo, tavolino, tavola; (fig) pasto; (fig) commensali, tavolata; tavolato, altopiano; tabella, quadro, prospetto; tavoletta; lastra, lastrone
v. mettere su un tavolo; ordinare in tabelle, dare sistemazione tabellare a; (Parl) presentare, proporre; (Fal) incastrare, congiungere a incastro
English - Portuguese - table Pronunciation
s. mesa; refeição; tabuleiro; tábua; tabela; platô
v. pôr sobre a mesa; preencher os dados numa tabela; adiar, pôr de lado para futura apreciação
English - Russian - table Pronunciation
с. стол, рабочий стол, общество за столом; трапеза, еда; кухня; доска; плита, дощечка, надпись на дощечке, надпись на плите; скрижаль; таблица, табель, расписание; плоская поверхность, горное плато
г. класть на стол, составлять таблицу, составлять расписание
English - Turkish - table Pronunciation
f. masaya koymak, sunmak, göstermek, tartışmaya sunmak, ertelemek, listeye geçirmek, cetvele yazmak
i. masa, sofra, masadakiler, tablet, tablo [mat.], çizelge, tabla, kafatası kemik tabakalarından biri
French - English - table Pronunciation
(f) n. table, piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; board, food
English - Albanian - table Pronunciation
n. tryezë, tavolinë, tryezë e shtruar, ushqim, tabelë, shesh, rrafshnaltë
v. vë në tryezë, paraqes raport
English - Dutch - table Pronunciation
zn. tafel; maaltijd; tabel
ww. ter tafel brengen, indienen (een motie); voor kennisgeving aannemen
English - Greek - table Pronunciation
επίθ. επιτραπέζιος
ουσ. τραπέζι, τράπεζα, πίναξ
ρήμ. θέτω επί τη τράπεζα, αναβάλλω συζήτηση
French - Spanish - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) mesa (f)
2. (mathématiques) tabla (f)
French - German - table Pronunciation
n. tafel, tisch, resonanzboden, essen
French - Italian - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) tavolo (m)
2. (mathématiques) tavola (f); tabella (f)
French - Portuguese - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) mesa (f)
2. (mathématiques) tábua (f); tabela (f)
French - Russian - table Pronunciation
n. стол (f), таблица (f), оглавление (f), реестр (f), указатель (f), сводка (f), ведомость (f), табель (f), доска (f), плита (f), стенд (тех.) (f), пульт (тех.) (f)
French - Turkish - table Pronunciation
[la] masa; sofra; yemek; çizelge, cetvel, tablo; yaprak, sahife
French - Dutch - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) tafel (m/f)
2. (mathématiques) tabel (m/f)
English - Chinese - table Pronunciation
(名) 桌子, 工作台, 餐桌
(动) 把...放在桌上; 提出; 搁置; 把...列入议事日程
English - Chinese - table Pronunciation
(名) 桌子, 工作臺, 餐桌
(動) 把...放在桌上; 提出; 擱置; 把...列入議事日程
English - Japanese - table Pronunciation
(動) テーブルに置く; 給仕する; 握りつぶす; 上程する; 表にする
(名) テーブル, 大きくて平らな面で1つ以上の足をもつ家具の1つ, 食卓; 食べ物, 料理; テーブルを囲む人々; 食事; 欄や列で構成された情報の一覧表; 平らな面; 平らな土地, 平地
English - Korean - table Pronunciation
명. 식탁, 탁자; 음식, 식탁에 차려진 음식; 정보 목록표, 일람표; 언덕의 평평한 지대, 탁상지; 얇은 판
동. 탁상에 놓다; 일람표로 만들다; 연기하다, 일시 보류하다
noun: a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs Example:It was a sturdy table.
noun: a piece of furniture with tableware for a meal laid out on it Example:I reserved a table at my favorite restaurant.
noun: a set of data arranged in rows and columns Example:See table 1.
noun: a company of people assembled at a table for a meal or game Example:He entertained the whole table with his witty remarks.

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Synonyms for table
1. chart: appendix, index, summary, tabulation, record, schedule, report
2. board: counter, stand, desk, console
Verb forms for table
Present participle: tabling
Present: table (3.person: tables)
Past: tabled
Future: will table
Present conditional: would table
Present Perfect: have tabled (3.person: has tabled)
Past Perfect: had tabled
Future Perfect: will have tabled
Past conditional: would have tabled