Definition of table Pronunciation
1. Food or meals in general.
She sets a fine table.
Room and board.
2. A piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs.
It was a sturdy table.
3. A piece of furniture with tableware for a meal laid out on it.
I reserved a table at my favorite restaurant.
4. A company of people assembled at a table for a meal or game.
He entertained the whole table with his witty remarks.
5. A set of data arranged in rows and columns.
See table 1.
6. Flat tableland with steep edges.
The tribe was relatively safe on the mesa but they had to descend into the valley for water.
7. Hold back to a later time.
Let's postpone the exam.
8. Arrange or enter in tabular form.
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English - English - table Pronunciation
n. piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; meal, food placed on a table; list of information arranged in columns and rows, chart; flat surface; plateau, flat area of land at the top of a hill
v. place on a table; enter information into a chart or table; postpone, set aside for future consideration
n. table, piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; board, food
English - Spanish - table Pronunciation
s. mesa; tabla, cuadro; meseta, altiplano
v. poner sobre una mesa, poner sobre la mesa; deferir
English - French - table Pronunciation
n. table, meuble fait d'une ou de plusieurs planches reposant horizontalement sur un ou plusieurs pieds; surface plane en pierre ou métal sur laquelle on, eput écrire ou graver qqch; tableau; barème, surface plane; plateau, zone plate d'une région ou colline
v. présenter; s'attabler, se mettre à table
English - German - table Pronunciation
n. Tabelle, Inhaltsverzeichnis; Logarithmentafel; Tisch
v. einbringen (Resolution); auf den Tisch Legen
English - Italian - table Pronunciation
s. tavolo, tavolino, tavola; (fig) pasto; (fig) commensali, tavolata; tavolato, altopiano; tabella, quadro, prospetto; tavoletta; lastra, lastrone
v. mettere su un tavolo; ordinare in tabelle, dare sistemazione tabellare a; (Parl) presentare, proporre; (Fal) incastrare, congiungere a incastro
English - Portuguese - table Pronunciation
s. mesa; refeição; tabuleiro; tábua; tabela; platô
v. pôr sobre a mesa; preencher os dados numa tabela; adiar, pôr de lado para futura apreciação
English - Russian - table Pronunciation
с. стол, рабочий стол, общество за столом; трапеза, еда; кухня; доска; плита, дощечка, надпись на дощечке, надпись на плите; скрижаль; таблица, табель, расписание; плоская поверхность, горное плато
г. класть на стол, составлять таблицу, составлять расписание
English - Turkish - table Pronunciation
f. masaya koymak, sunmak, göstermek, tartışmaya sunmak, ertelemek, listeye geçirmek, cetvele yazmak
i. masa, sofra, masadakiler, tablet, tablo [mat.], çizelge, tabla, kafatası kemik tabakalarından biri
French - English - table Pronunciation
(f) n. table, piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; board, food
German - English - table
table, Table
English - Dutch - table Pronunciation
zn. tafel; maaltijd; tabel
ww. ter tafel brengen, indienen (een motie); voor kennisgeving aannemen
English - Greek - table Pronunciation
επίθ. επιτραπέζιος
ουσ. τραπέζι, τράπεζα, πίναξ
ρήμ. θέτω επί τη τράπεζα, αναβάλλω συζήτηση
French - Spanish - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) mesa (f)
2. (mathématiques) tabla (f)
French - German - table Pronunciation
n. tafel, tisch, resonanzboden, essen
French - Italian - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) tavolo (m)
2. (mathématiques) tavola (f); tabella (f)
French - Portuguese - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) mesa (f)
2. (mathématiques) tábua (f); tabela (f)
French - Russian - table Pronunciation
n. стол (f), таблица (f), оглавление (f), реестр (f), указатель (f), сводка (f), ведомость (f), табель (f), доска (f), плита (f), стенд (тех.) (f), пульт (тех.) (f)
French - Turkish - table Pronunciation
[la] masa; sofra; yemek; çizelge, cetvel, tablo; yaprak, sahife
French - Dutch - table Pronunciation
1. (meubles) tafel (m/f)
2. (mathématiques) tabel (m/f)
English - Chinese - table Pronunciation
(名) 桌子, 工作台, 餐桌
(动) 把...放在桌上; 提出; 搁置; 把...列入议事日程
English - Chinese - table Pronunciation
(名) 桌子, 工作臺, 餐桌
(動) 把...放在桌上; 提出; 擱置; 把...列入議事日程
English - Japanese - table Pronunciation
(動) テーブルに置く; 給仕する; 握りつぶす; 上程する; 表にする
(名) テーブル, 大きくて平らな面で1つ以上の足をもつ家具の1つ, 食卓; 食べ物, 料理; テーブルを囲む人々; 食事; 欄や列で構成された情報の一覧表; 平らな面; 平らな土地, 平地
English - Korean - table Pronunciation
명. 식탁, 탁자; 음식, 식탁에 차려진 음식; 정보 목록표, 일람표; 언덕의 평평한 지대, 탁상지; 얇은 판
동. 탁상에 놓다; 일람표로 만들다; 연기하다, 일시 보류하다

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Synonyms for table
1. chart: appendix, index, summary, tabulation, record, schedule, report
2. board: counter, stand, desk, console
Verb forms for table
Present participle: tabling
Present: table (3.person: tables)
Past: tabled
Future: will table
Present conditional: would table
Present Perfect: have tabled (3.person: has tabled)
Past Perfect: had tabled
Future Perfect: will have tabled
Past conditional: would have tabled