Definition of taint Pronunciation
1. A contamination, decay or putrefaction, especially in food
2. A mark of disgrace, especially on one's character; blemish
3. Tincture; hue; colour
4. Infection; corruption; deprivation
He had inherited from his parents a scrofulous taint, which it was beyond the power of medicine to remove. — Macaulay.
5. To contaminate or corrupt (something) with an external agent, either physically or morally.
6. To spoil (food) by contamination.
7. To be infected or corrupted; to be touched by something corrupting.
8. To be affected with incipient putrefaction.
Meat soon taints in warm weather.
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English - English - taint Pronunciation
n. trace of something bad or offensive, small amount of something harmful or unhealthy; moral blemish, hint of dishonor
v. contaminate, pollute, corrupt, mar; bring shame or dishonor upon; become tainted
English - Spanish - taint Pronunciation
s. mancha; tara; tacha, defecto
v. manchar, amancillar, impurificar, tinturar; echar a perder
English - French - taint Pronunciation
n. corruption, infection; tare; trace: tache; souillure
v. entacher; infecter, corrompre, vicier; se gâter, se corrompre
English - German - taint Pronunciation
n. Fleck, Makel; Verwesung
v. beflecken; beschmutzen; verderben
English - Italian - taint Pronunciation
s. macchia; segno di decomposizione; traccia d'infezione
v. guastare, alterare, inquinare; (fig) corrompere, contaminare; macchiare, disonorare
English - Portuguese - taint Pronunciation
s. mancha; mácula; infecção; verruga; corrupção
v. manchar; macular; corromper
English - Russian - taint Pronunciation
с. пятно, позор, зараза, испорченность, болезнь в скрытом состоянии, примесь, налет
г. разлагать, заражать, портить, заражаться, портиться, загнивать
English - Turkish - taint Pronunciation
f. bozmak, lekelemek, hastalık bulaştırmak, ahlâkını bozmak, bulaştırmak, bozulmak, kokuşmak
i. leke, kusur, bozukluk, iz, bozulma, yozlaşma, kokuşma
English - Dutch - taint Pronunciation
zn. smetje, vlekje
ww. bevlekken, iemand een slechte naam bezorgen; het bevuilen
English - Greek - taint Pronunciation
ουσ. κηλίδα, μόλυσμα
ρήμ. μολύνω, μιαίνω
English - Chinese - taint Pronunciation
(名) 污点, 感染, 耻辱
(动) 污染, 沾染, 使腐败; 腐坏, 败坏; 被污染
English - Chinese - taint Pronunciation
(名) 污點, 感染, 恥辱
(動) 污染, 沾染, 使腐敗; 腐壞, 敗壞; 被污染
English - Japanese - taint Pronunciation
(動) 汚す; 傷つける; 腐敗させる; だめにする
(名) 悪い痕跡; 汚点; 不名誉
English - Korean - taint Pronunciation
명. 역겨운 것의 흔적, 소량의 해로운 것, 감염력, 병독; 도덕적 폐해, 불명예, 수치, 오점
동. 더럽히다, 썩다, 오염시키다; 명예를 훼손시키다; 더러워지다

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Synonyms for taint
1. stain: blot, besmear, sully, tarnish, blur, blemish, besmirch
2. contaminate: pollute, corrupt, poison, infect, defile, debase, deprave
Verb forms for taint
Present participle: tainting
Present: taint (3.person: taints)
Past: tainted
Future: will taint
Present conditional: would taint
Present Perfect: have tainted (3.person: has tainted)
Past Perfect: had tainted
Future Perfect: will have tainted
Past conditional: would have tainted