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English English - Definition of talky 
adj. talkative, garrulous, loquacious, chatty; containing an excess of dialogue; tending to talk too much
Spanish English To Spanish - talky 
adj. hablador
French English To French - talky 
adj. bavard; loquace, pipelet, qui a tendance à trop parlé
German English To German - talky 
adj. gesprächig; geschwätzig
Italian English To Italian - talky 
agg. prolisso, verboso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - talky 
adj. tagarela
Russian English To Russian - talky 
болтливый; говорливый; многословный; пустой; пустопорожний; словоохотливый
Turkish English To Turkish - talky 
s. konuşkan, geveze
Dutch English To Dutch - talky 
bn. praatziek, spraakzaam
Greek English To Greek - talky 
ομιλητικός, που μιλάει υπερβολικά
ChineseS English To ChineseS - talky 
(形) 爱讲话的; 对话过多的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - talky 
(形) 愛講話的; 對話過多的
Japanese English To Japanese - talky 
(形) 話し好きな; おしゃべりな; 口数の多すぎる
Korean English To Korean - talky 
형. 말이 많은, 수다스러운
adjective: full of trivial conversation


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