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English English - Definition of tangible 
n. something that can be touched or felt, something real or substantial; tangible property, something that has monetary value
adj. capable of being felt or touched, real, substantial; having monetary value
adj. tangible, positive, substantial
Spanish English To Spanish - tangible 
s. bienes considerables, cuantiosos
adj. tangible, palpable, substancial
French English To French - tangible 
n. élément que l'on peut toucher ou palper, chose réelle ou subtantielle; propriété tangible; objet ayant une valeur monétaire
adj. tangible, palpable, sensible; réel; concret; subtantiel; matériel
German English To German - tangible 
n. Sachanlagevermögen
adj. greifbar, deutlich
Italian English To Italian - tangible 
s. tangibile
agg. tangibile, palpabile; concreto, reale, effettivo; sicuro, evidente, manifesto
Portuguese English To Portuguese - tangible 
s. tangível
adj. real, factível, alcançável
Russian English To Russian - tangible 
с. нечто ощутимое, нечто реальное, нечто осязаемое
прил. осязаемый, ощутимый, материальный, реальный, заметный, ясный
Turkish English To Turkish - tangible 
s. somut, elle tutulur, gerçek, hissedilir, maddi
English French To English - tangible 
adj. tangible, positive, substantial
English Spanish To English - tangible 
adj. corporeal, tangible
Albanian English To Albanian - tangible 
adj. prekshëm: i prekshëm, qartë: i qartë
Dutch English To Dutch - tangible 
zn. tastbaar, voelbaar
bn. voelbaar, duidelijk
Greek English To Greek - tangible 
επίθ. απτός, αισθητός
Dutch French To Dutch - tangible 
1. (concret) tastbaar; concreet
2. (perception sensorielle) tastbaar
ChineseS English To ChineseS - tangible 
(名) 有形资产
(形) 实体的, 有形的, 明白的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - tangible 
(名) 有形資產
(形) 實體的, 有形的, 明白的
Japanese English To Japanese - tangible 
(形) 明白な; 実質的な; 金銭的価値のある
(名) 有形物, 何か触ったり感じたりできるもの, 実質的なもの, 金銭的価値のあるもの
Korean English To Korean - tangible 
형. 만져서 알 수 있는, 실재적인, 실체가 있는; 유형자산의
German French To German - tangible 
adj. plastisch, positiv
Italian French To Italian - tangible 
1. (concret) tangibile; concreto
2. (perception sensorielle) tangibile
Portuguese French To Portuguese - tangible 
1. (concret) tangível; concreto
2. (perception sensorielle) tangível
Russian French To Russian - tangible 
a. осязаемый
Spanish French To Spanish - tangible 
1. (concret) tangible; concreto
2. (perception sensorielle) tangible
Turkish French To Turkish - tangible 
dokunulabilir, elle tutulur
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - tangible 
adj. 物質的 (wu4 zhı4 de5), 有形 (you3 xıng2)
French Spanish To French - tangible 
1. (concreto) tangible; concret
2. (percepción sensoria) tangible
3. (sensación mental) palpable; manifeste
German Spanish To German - tangible 
a. berührbar, fassbar, greifbar, spürbar, fühlbar, offensichtlich
Korean Spanish To Korean - tangible 
adj. 닿아 느껴지는, 만져서 알 수 있는
Russian Spanish To Russian - tangible 
adj. осязаемый
adjective: perceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch Example:Skin with a tangible roughness.
adjective: (of especially business assets) having physical substance and intrinsic monetary value Example:Tangible property like real estate.
adjective: capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt
adjective: possible to be treated as fact Example:Tangible evidence.


 Synonyms for tangible
1. perceptible: evident, actual, certain, plain, real, obvious
2. touchable: substantial, material, corporeal, palpable, tactile, discernible

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