Definition of task Pronunciation
1. A piece of work done as part of one’s duties.
2. A difficult or tedious undertaking.
3. An objective.
4. A process or execution of a program.
5. To assign a task to, or impose a task on.
On my first day in the office, I was tasked with sorting a pile of invoices.
6. To oppress with severe or excessive burdens; to tax.
7. To charge, as with a fault.
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English - English - task Pronunciation
n. mission, assignment; obligation; role; burden, load
v. assign tasks; overburden, strain
English - Spanish - task Pronunciation
s. tarea, asignación, cometido, faena, fajina, labor, laborío, ocupación, quehacer, trabajo
v. imponer una tarea; atarear
English - French - task Pronunciation
n. tâche; obligation; mission, devoir; fonction; fardeau
v. imposer une tâche, imposer un fardeau
English - German - task Pronunciation
n. Aufgabe; Pflicht; Job; Last
v. Aufgaben verteilen; Mühe bereiten
English - Italian - task Pronunciation
s. compito, lavoro; incarico, mansione, dovere, incombenza
v. affaticare, sforzare, sottoporre a uno sforzo; incaricare, imporre un compito a
English - Portuguese - task Pronunciation
s. tarefa, serviço; obrigação; ofício; carga
v. dar tarefa; atarefar; sobrecarregar
English - Russian - task Pronunciation
с. задача, задание, урок, урочная работа, норма
г. задать работу, перегружать, обременять
English - Turkish - task Pronunciation
f. iş vermek, çalıştırmak, yormak, suçlamak
i. görev, iş, külfet, angarya, ödev
English - Dutch - task Pronunciation
zn. taak; zware lading
ww. op de proef stellen, vergen
English - Greek - task Pronunciation
ουσ. έργο, αγγαρεία
German - Russian - task Pronunciation
n. задание (m), задача (m)
English - Chinese - task Pronunciation
(名) 工作, 作业, 任务
(动) 派给...任务; 使辛劳; 要...做一项工作; 使做艰苦的工作
English - Chinese - task Pronunciation
(名) 工作, 作業, 任務
(動) 派給...任務; 使辛勞; 要...做一項工作; 使做艱苦的工作
English - Japanese - task Pronunciation
(名) 仕事; 重労働; 任務, 職務
(動) 酷使する; 課する
English - Korean - task Pronunciation
명. 직무, 일; 임무; 역할; 부담
동. ...에게 일을 과하다, ...에게 일을 할당하다, 혹사하다

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for task
job: assignment, chore, duty, role
Verb forms for task
Present participle: tasking
Present: task (3.person: tasks)
Past: tasked
Future: will task
Present conditional: would task
Present Perfect: have tasked (3.person: has tasked)
Past Perfect: had tasked
Future Perfect: will have tasked
Past conditional: would have tasked