Definition of tchotchke Pronunciation
1. A small, decorative item or souvenir, usually of no particular value.
2. A bimbo.
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English - English - tchotchke Pronunciation
n. small trinket or decorative object, knickknack
English - French - tchotchke Pronunciation
n. bibelot, objet décoratif
English - German - tchotchke Pronunciation
n. kleiner Schmuckgegenstand oder dekoratives Objekt
English - Italian - tchotchke Pronunciation
s. piccolo oggetto decorativo
English - Russian - tchotchke Pronunciation
с. цацка
English - Dutch - tchotchke Pronunciation
zn. kleine snuistreij of decoratief object
English - Japanese - tchotchke Pronunciation
(名) 小さな装身具または装飾小物
English - Korean - tchotchke Pronunciation
명. 자질구레한 장식품

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