Definitions and translations for "tease"

Definition of tease

1. Someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity).
2. A seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men.
3. Ruffle (one's hair) by combing the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect.
4. The act of harassing someone playfully or maliciously (especially by ridicule); provoking someone with persistent annoyances.
5. Separate the fibers of.
6. Disentangle and raise the fibers of.
7. Harass with persistent criticism or carping.
8. Mock or make fun of playfully.
9. Tear into pieces.
10. Raise the nap of (fabrics).
11. Annoy persistently.
12. To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity without satisfying them.
The advertisement is intended to tease the customers.
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English - English - tease

n. one who mocks or taunts; act of mocking; annoyance, nuisance
v. pester, taunt, mock; annoy, irritate; comb in the opposite direction, pull hair away from scalp and comb towards the head in order to make hair look thicker

English - Spanish - tease

s. bromista
v. dar bromas a, bromear, embromar, tomar el pelo; hacer bromas; ser bromista

English - French - tease

n. taquin, taquinerie; quelqu'un qui dérange
v. taquiner; tourmenter, ennuyer, irriter; agacer, peigner en contre sens; peigner les cheveux en avant

English - German - tease

n. Stichelei; Neckerei; Anmacherei (sexuelle Belästigung)
v. sticheln; ärgern; necken, hänseln

English - Indonesian - tease

n. penggoda, pengusik, pengejek, usikan, godaan
v. menggoda, mengusik, mengejek, menjahati, membengkengi, bercanda, mengganggu, menyisir wol

English - Italian - tease

s. beffatore, canzonatore, burlone; persona importuna, stuzzichino
v. canzonare, beffare, burlare; prendere in giro; infastidire, importunare, seccare, dar noia a, stuzzicare; tormentare; (Tess) cardare, sottoporre a cardatura; garzare, scardassare

English - Polish - tease

n. człowiek dokuczliwy, złośliwiec
v. dokuczać, dręczyć, złość: zrobić na złość, droczyć się, czesać wełnę

English - Portuguese - tease

s. intriga, provocação; implicante
v. importunar; provocar, irritar; pentear no sentido oposto

English - Romanian - tease

n. cicăleală, dărăcire, dărăcit, persoană cicălitoare
v. pieptăna {fig.}, dezlâna, cicăli, chihăi, dăscăli, destrăma, hărţui, necăji, zădărî, da la darac, agasa, şicana, supăra {înv.}, tachina, urzica

English - Russian - tease

с. любитель подразнить, задира, попытка раздразнить, поддразнивание
г. дразнить, раздразнить, поддразнивать; надоедать, приставать, выпрашивать; чесать, начесывать; взбивать

English - Turkish - tease

f. takılmak, sataşmak, kızdırmak, ditmek, kabartmak (kumaş)
i. baş belâsı, takılan kimse, kızdırıp kimse

English - Ukrainian - tease

n. дражнити: любитель дражнити, роздратувати: спроба роздратувати
v. дражнити, набридати, ворсувати, докучати, задратувати, нагабати, передражнювати

English - Dutch - tease

zn. plaaggeest; het lastig vallen
ww. pesten, lastig vallen

English - Greek - tease

ρήμ. πειράζω

English - Arabic - tease

‏مضايق، مهيج‏
‏هيج، أثار، مشط، عذب، نفش، ندف، مشط الشعر، مازح‏

English - Chinese - tease

(名) 揶揄者, 戏弄
(动) 欺负, 取笑, 嘲弄; 戏弄; 取笑

English - Chinese - tease

(名) 揶揄者, 戲弄
(動) 欺負, 取笑, 嘲弄; 戲弄; 取笑

English - Hindi - tease

v. चिढ़ाना, चिढ़ निकालना, कष्ट देना, तक़लीफ़ देना, रंजीदा करना, दुःखित करना, तंग करना, छेड़ना, धुनना

English - Japanese - tease

(動) からかう; 悩ます; 髪の量があるように見せるために反対の方向に髪をとかす; うるさくせがむ; すく; 苛める
(名) いじめる人, いじめっ子, 意地悪

English - Korean - tease

명. 곯리는 사람, 조롱하는 사람; 조롱하기; 귀찮게 함, 성가시게 함
동. 괴롭히다, 조르다; 집적거리다, 귀찮게 하다; 반대 방향으로 빗질하다, 보풀을 세우다

English - Vietnamese - tease

n. người hay chọc ghẹo
v. chọc tức

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Synonyms for tease
bait: badger, torment, nag, harass, heckle, anger, hector
Verb forms for tease
Present participle: teasing
Present: tease (3.person: teases)
Past: teased
Future: will tease
Present conditional: would tease
Present Perfect: have teased (3.person: has teased)
Past Perfect: had teased
Future Perfect: will have teased
Past conditional: would have teased