English - Definiton of tease Pronunciation
n. one who mocks or taunts; act of mocking; annoyance, nuisance
v. pester, taunt, mock; annoy, irritate; comb in the opposite direction, pull hair away from scalp and comb towards the head in order to make hair look thicker
English - Spanish - tease Pronunciation
s. bromista
v. dar bromas a, bromear, embromar, tomar el pelo; hacer bromas; ser bromista
English - French - tease Pronunciation
n. taquin, taquinerie; quelqu'un qui dérange
v. taquiner; tourmenter, ennuyer, irriter; agacer, peigner en contre sens; peigner les cheveux en avant
English - German - tease Pronunciation
n. Stichelei; Neckerei; Anmacherei (sexuelle Belästigung)
v. sticheln; ärgern; necken, hänseln
English - Italian - tease Pronunciation
s. beffatore, canzonatore, burlone; persona importuna, stuzzichino
v. canzonare, beffare, burlare; prendere in giro; infastidire, importunare, seccare, dar noia a, stuzzicare; tormentare; (Tess) cardare, sottoporre a cardatura; garzare, scardassare
English - Portuguese - tease Pronunciation
s. intriga, provocação; implicante
v. importunar; provocar, irritar; pentear no sentido oposto
English - Russian - tease Pronunciation
с. любитель подразнить, задира, попытка раздразнить, поддразнивание
г. дразнить, раздразнить, поддразнивать; надоедать, приставать, выпрашивать; чесать, начесывать; взбивать
English - Turkish - tease Pronunciation
f. takılmak, sataşmak, kızdırmak, ditmek, kabartmak (kumaş)
i. baş belâsı, takılan kimse, kızdırıp kimse
English - Albanian - tease Pronunciation
v. vë në lojë, gërgas, bezdis, ngas, ngacmoj
English - Dutch - tease Pronunciation
zn. plaaggeest; het lastig vallen
ww. pesten, lastig vallen
English - Greek - tease Pronunciation
ρήμ. πειράζω
English - Chinese - tease Pronunciation
(名) 揶揄者, 戏弄
(动) 欺负, 取笑, 嘲弄; 戏弄; 取笑
English - Chinese - tease Pronunciation
(名) 揶揄者, 戲弄
(動) 欺負, 取笑, 嘲弄; 戲弄; 取笑
English - Japanese - tease Pronunciation
(動) からかう; 悩ます; 髪の量があるように見せるために反対の方向に髪をとかす; うるさくせがむ; すく; 苛める
(名) いじめる人, いじめっ子, 意地悪
English - Korean - tease Pronunciation
명. 곯리는 사람, 조롱하는 사람; 조롱하기; 귀찮게 함, 성가시게 함
동. 괴롭히다, 조르다; 집적거리다, 귀찮게 하다; 반대 방향으로 빗질하다, 보풀을 세우다
noun: the act of harassing someone playfully or maliciously (especially by ridicule); provoking someone with persistent annoyances Example:He ignored their teases.
noun: someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity)
noun: a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
verb: ruffle (one's hair) by combing towards the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect
verb: harass with persistent criticism or carping Example:The children teased the new teacher.
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Synonyms for tease
bait: badger, torment, nag, harass, heckle, anger, hector
Verb forms for tease
Present participle: teasing
Present: tease (3.person: teases)
Past: teased
Future: will tease
Present conditional: would tease
Present Perfect: have teased (3.person: has teased)
Past Perfect: had teased
Future Perfect: will have teased
Past conditional: would have teased