Definition of tempt Pronunciation
1. To provoke someone to do wrong, especially by promising a reward; to entice.
She tempted me to eat the apple.
2. To attract; to allure.
Its glossy skin tempted me.
3. To provoke something; to court.
It would be tempting fate.
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English - English - tempt Pronunciation
v. allure, entice, tantalize, seduce
English - Spanish - tempt Pronunciation
v. tentar, dar ganas a, engolosinar, seducir; ser tentador
English - French - tempt Pronunciation
v. tenter, séduire, attirer; influencer
English - German - tempt Pronunciation
v. verleiten, beeinflußen
English - Italian - tempt Pronunciation
v. tentare, cercare di corrompere, indurre in tentazione; allettare, invogliare, attrarre, attirare; persuadere, convincere; (Bibl) mettere alla prova, provare
English - Portuguese - tempt Pronunciation
v. tentar, incitar, aliciar, influenciar
English - Russian - tempt Pronunciation
г. соблазнять, искушать, испытывать, проверять
English - Turkish - tempt Pronunciation
f. baştan çıkarmak, ayartmak, özendirmek, kışkırtmak, meydan okumak
English - Dutch - tempt Pronunciation
ww. verleiden, beïnvloeden
English - Greek - tempt Pronunciation
ρήμ. πειράζω, σκανδαλίζω, δελεάζω
English - Chinese - tempt Pronunciation
(动) 诱惑, 吸引, 引诱
English - Chinese - tempt Pronunciation
(動) 誘惑, 吸引, 引誘
English - Japanese - tempt Pronunciation
(動) 誘惑する; そそる
English - Korean - tempt Pronunciation
동. 유혹하다, 꾀다

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Synonyms for tempt
appeal to: attract, invite, entice, appeal, intrigue, engage, fascinate
Verb forms for tempt
Present participle: tempting
Present: tempt (3.person: tempts)
Past: tempted
Future: will tempt
Present conditional: would tempt
Present Perfect: have tempted (3.person: has tempted)
Past Perfect: had tempted
Future Perfect: will have tempted
Past conditional: would have tempted