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English English - Definition of tend 
v. be inclined, be disposed; care for, watch over; nurse; service customers
v. tighten, tauten; stretch, tend, strain; tender, thrust; reach, drag, hold out
Spanish English To Spanish - tend 
v. propender, tender, tender a, tener inclinación; servir
French English To French - tend 
v. tendre, se diriger; diriger, mener, inspecter; servir des clients
German English To German - tend 
v. neigen; leiten, anordnen; sich kümmern um
Italian English To Italian - tend 
v. tendere, essere incline, avere tendenza, essere portato; portare, condurre; dirigersi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - tend 
v. tender; administrar, supervisionar; servir os clientes
Russian English To Russian - tend 
г. ухаживать, заботиться, присматривать, обслуживать, пасти, иметь тенденцию, клониться, иметь склонность, направляться, вести в определенном направлении
Turkish English To Turkish - tend 
f. yönelmek, eğilimi olmak, yatkın olmak, çalmak (yeşile vb.), yüz tutmak, bakmak, hizmet etmek, gözetmek
Albanian English To Albanian - tend 
v. drejtoj, prirem, ruaj, kujdesem për
Dutch English To Dutch - tend 
ww. neigen; leiden; inspekteren; klanten bedienen
Greek English To Greek - tend 
ρήμ. φυλάσσω, φυλάττω, περιποιούμαι, ρέπω, φροντίζω, κλίνω, τείνω, συντελώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - tend 
(动) 走向; 倾向; 趋向; 易于; 照管, 照料; 管理; 护理; 照料以免纠缠; 服侍招待; 注意, 关心
ChineseT English To ChineseT - tend 
(動) 走向; 傾向; 趨向; 易於; 照管, 照料; 管理; 護理; 照料以免糾纏; 服侍招待; 注意, 關心
Japanese English To Japanese - tend 
(動) 傾向がある; 向かう; 世話をする; 手当てする; 手入れをする
Korean English To Korean - tend 
동. ...하는 경향이 있다; 주의를 기울이다, 신경을 쓰다; 시중들다; 돌보다
verb: manage or run Example:Tend a store.
verb: have care of or look after Example:She tends to the children.
verb: have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined Example:She tends to be nervous before her lectures.


 Synonyms for tend
1. care for: attend to, guard, watch over, protect, keep, take care of
2. be inclined: be disposed, lean
Tenses for tend
Present participle: tending
Present: tend (3.person: tends)
Past: tended
Future: will tend
Present conditional: would tend
Present Perfect: have tended (3.person: has tended)
Past Perfect: had tended
Future Perfect: will have tended
Past conditional: would have tended

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