n. nomenclature, study of names and terms
English - Spanish - terminology Pronunciation
s. terminología
English - French - terminology Pronunciation
n. terminologie, nomenclature
English - German - terminology Pronunciation
n. Terminologie, Fachsprache
English - Italian - terminology Pronunciation
s. terminologia
English - Portuguese - terminology Pronunciation
s. terminologia, nomenclatura
English - Russian - terminology Pronunciation
с. терминология
English - Turkish - terminology Pronunciation
i. terminoloji, terimler
English - Albanian - terminology Pronunciation
n. terminologji
English - Dutch - terminology Pronunciation
zn. terminologie
English - Greek - terminology Pronunciation
ουσ. ορολογία
English - Chinese - terminology Pronunciation
(名) 用辞, 术语学
English - Chinese - terminology Pronunciation
(名) 用辭, 術語學
English - Japanese - terminology Pronunciation
(名) 専門用語, 専門用語学
English - Korean - terminology Pronunciation
명. 용어학
noun: a system of words used in a particular discipline Example:Legal terminology.
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Synonyms for terminology
dialect: idiom, jargon, lingo, language, vernacular, speech