Definition of termite Pronunciation
1. Whitish soft-bodied ant-like social insect that feeds on wood.
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English - English - termite Pronunciation
n. wood-eating insect, white ant
n. termite, wood-eating insect, white ant
n. termite, white ant
English - Spanish - termite Pronunciation
s. termita, comején, termes
English - French - termite Pronunciation
n. termite, fourmi blanche
English - German - termite Pronunciation
n. Termit
English - Italian - termite Pronunciation
s. termite
English - Portuguese - termite Pronunciation
s. térmite, cupim
English - Russian - termite Pronunciation
с. термит
English - Turkish - termite Pronunciation
i. termit, divik, beyaz karınca
French - English - termite Pronunciation
(m) n. termite, white ant
German - English - termite Pronunciation
n. wood-eating insect, white ant
Italian - English - termite Pronunciation
n. termite, wood-eating insect, white ant
English - Albanian - termite Pronunciation
n. termit
English - Dutch - termite Pronunciation
zn. termiet, witte mier
English - Greek - termite Pronunciation
ουσ. τερμίτης, λευκός μύρμηξ
French - Spanish - termite Pronunciation
(entomologie) termita (f)
German - Spanish - termite Pronunciation
n. termita (f), comején (m), termes (m)
French - Italian - termite Pronunciation
(entomologie) termite (f)
French - Portuguese - termite Pronunciation
(entomologie) cupim (m)
French - Turkish - termite Pronunciation
[le] divik, beyaz karınca
German - French - termite Pronunciation
n. fourmi blanche (f)
German - Italian - termite Pronunciation
n. termite (f)
German - Russian - termite Pronunciation
n. термит (f)
German - Turkish - termite Pronunciation
i. beyaz karınca (f), divik (f)
Italian - French - termite Pronunciation
(entomologia) termite (m)
Italian - German - termite Pronunciation
n. termite
French - Dutch - termite Pronunciation
(entomologie) termiet (m/f)
English - Chinese - termite Pronunciation
(名) 白蚁
English - Chinese - termite Pronunciation
(名) 白蟻
English - Japanese - termite Pronunciation
(名) シロアリ, 木を食べる蟻
English - Korean - termite Pronunciation
명. 흰개미, 나무를 갉아 먹는 곤충

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