Definition of testification Pronunciation
1. The act of testifying, or giving testimony or evidence.
A direct testification of our homage to God. — South.
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English - French - testification Pronunciation
n. déclaration, témoignage, déposition
English - Indonesian - testification Pronunciation
n. pemberian kesaksian
English - Italian - testification Pronunciation
English - Polish - testification Pronunciation
n. dokumentowanie
English - Russian - testification Pronunciation
с. дача показаний
English - Turkish - testification Pronunciation
i. şahadet, doğrulama, teyit
English - Dutch - testification Pronunciation
English - Greek - testification Pronunciation
ουσ. μαρτυρία
English - Arabic - testification Pronunciation
English - Hindi - testification Pronunciation
n. बयान करना, बयान कर देना, गवाही देना, शहादत देना, साक्ष्य देना
English - Korean - testification Pronunciation
명. 입증
English - Vietnamese - testification Pronunciation
n. sự biểu lộ

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