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English English - Definition of tgif 
(accepted abbreviation) the week is finally over!, the weekend is here!
Spanish English To Spanish - tgif 
Gracias a Dios que ya es viernes (abreviatura), finalmente se terminó la semana
French English To French - tgif 
dieu merci, c'est déjà vendredi (abréviation conventionnelle), enfin la semaine est terminée, déjà la fin de la semaine
German English To German - tgif 
(Allgemein genutzte Abkürzung) "Danke Gott das Freitag ist", endlich Freitag, endlich Wochenende
Italian English To Italian - tgif 
"grazie a Dio è venerdì", è finalmente terminata la settimana
Portuguese English To Portuguese - tgif 
graças a Deus é sexta-feira, finalmente o fim de semana chegou (abreviação)
Dutch English To Dutch - tgif 
dank God dat het al vrijdag, eindelijk is de week om (afkorting)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - tgif 
tgif, 感谢上帝星期五了 (已被认可的缩写) 这个星期总算完了! 周末就在眼前!
Japanese English To Japanese - tgif 
(略語)一週間がついに終った, 週末が来た


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