Definition of thunderstorm Pronunciation
1. A storm consisting of thunder and lightning produced by a cumulonimbus, usually accompanied with heavy rain, wind, and sometimes hail; and in rarer cases sleet, freezing rain, or snow.
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English - English - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. electrical storm, storm of thunder and lightning
English - Spanish - thunderstorm Pronunciation
s. tormenta, tempestad, temporal, tronada
English - French - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. orage, tempête
English - German - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. Ungewitter, Gewitter
English - Indonesian - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. hujan angin ribut disertai petir dan guruh
English - Italian - thunderstorm Pronunciation
s. temporale
English - Polish - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. burza z piorunami
English - Portuguese - thunderstorm Pronunciation
s. temporal com trovões
English - Romanian - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. furtună
English - Russian - thunderstorm Pronunciation
с. гроза
English - Turkish - thunderstorm Pronunciation
i. sağanak, gök gürültülü fırtına
English - Dutch - thunderstorm Pronunciation
zn. onweersbui
English - Greek - thunderstorm Pronunciation
ουσ. θύελλα μετά κεραυνών, καταιγίδα, καταιγίδα με κεραυνούς
English - Arabic - thunderstorm Pronunciation
‏عاصفة رعدية‏
English - Chinese - thunderstorm Pronunciation
(名) 大雷雨
English - Chinese - thunderstorm Pronunciation
(名) 大雷雨
English - Hindi - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. आंधी, बिजली आ‍ैर वज्रध्वनि के साथ वाली आंधी
English - Japanese - thunderstorm Pronunciation
(名) 激しい雷雨
English - Korean - thunderstorm Pronunciation
명. 뇌우, 천둥번개를 동반한 폭풍우
English - Vietnamese - thunderstorm Pronunciation
n. bảo tố có sấm sét

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Synonyms for thunderstorm
tempest: blizzard, gale, hurricane, hailstorm, snowstorm, sirocco, storm