Definition of tinge Pronunciation
1. A small amount of something, especially of an added color.
2. The degree of vividness of a color; shade, hue or tint.
3. To add a small amount of color; to tint.
4. To imbue or impregnate.
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English - English - tinge Pronunciation
n. color, shade
v. tint, color lightly; give a slight trace of, mix with a small amount of
v. dye, colour, color, tinge; stain; suffuse
English - Spanish - tinge Pronunciation
s. tinte, matiz
v. teñir
English - French - tinge Pronunciation
n. teinte, couleur, ton, nuance
v. teinter, colorer légèrement, nuancer, teindre
English - German - tinge Pronunciation
n. leichte Färbung, Tönung
v. tönen
English - Italian - tinge Pronunciation
s. lieve tinta, colore leggero, mezzatinta, sfumatura; leggero odore; leggero sapore; pizzico, traccia, punta
v. tingere leggermente, tinteggiare, colorare; (fig) pervadere, permeare
English - Portuguese - tinge Pronunciation
s. matiz, cor
v. colorir, modificar
English - Russian - tinge Pronunciation
с. легкая окраска, оттенок, тон, привкус, след
г. слегка окрашивать, придавать оттенок
English - Turkish - tinge Pronunciation
f. hafifçe boyamak, renklendirmek (az), katmak, hafif etkilemek
i. hafif renk, az miktar, iz, belirti
English - Dutch - tinge Pronunciation
zn. tintje
ww. kleuren, tinten
English - Greek - tinge Pronunciation
ουσ. ελαφρό χρώμα, χροιά, χρωματισμός
ρήμ. χρωματίζω ελαφρώς
English - Chinese - tinge Pronunciation
(名) 淡色, 些微气味, 色调
(动) 微染, 使带气息
English - Chinese - tinge Pronunciation
(名) 淡色, 些微氣味, 色調
(動) 微染, 使帶氣息
English - Japanese - tinge Pronunciation
(名) 色合い; 気味
(動) 薄く色を付ける; 風味を添える; 少量を加えて混ぜる
English - Korean - tinge Pronunciation
명. 색조, 빛
동. 물들이다, 살짝 색깔을 들이다; 가벼운 흔적을 보이다, 기미를 보이다

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Synonyms for tinge
1. tint: tincture, dye, shade, spice, flavour, season
2. trace: hint, touch, trifle, dab, suspicion, nuance
Verb forms for tinge
Present participle: tinging
Present: tinge (3.person: tinges)
Past: tinged
Future: will tinge
Present conditional: would tinge
Present Perfect: have tinged (3.person: has tinged)
Past Perfect: had tinged
Future Perfect: will have tinged
Past conditional: would have tinged