Definition of tinning Pronunciation
1. The application of a thin layer of soft solder to the ends of wires before soldering them.
Careful tinning of the ends of wires results in a better joint when you solder them.
2. The application of a protective layer of tin.
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English - Spanish - tinning Pronunciation
envasado, enlatado, estañado, estañadura, estañar
English - French - tinning Pronunciation
étamage, etamage
English - German - tinning Pronunciation
eindosend, konservierend, verzinnend, in Dosen einlegend, in Dosen abfüllend, Verzinnung, Verzinnen
English - Italian - tinning Pronunciation
s. stagnatura (f), inscatolamento (m)
English - Russian - tinning Pronunciation
с. лужение
English - Turkish - tinning Pronunciation
met. kalaylama
English - Ukrainian - tinning Pronunciation
n. лудіння
English - Chinese - tinning Pronunciation
n. 罐头包装法 (guan4 tou2 bao1 zhuang1 fa3), 镀锡 (du4 xı1)
English - Chinese - tinning Pronunciation
n. 罐頭包裝法 (guan4 tou2 bao1 zhuang1 fa3), 鍍錫 (du4 xı1)

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