Definition of tongue-tied Pronunciation
1. Unable to express oneself clearly or fluently; at a loss for words.
If you have never practiced at interviewing for a job, you are likely to have a few tongue-tied moments during your first interview.
2. Suffering from tongue-tie or ankyloglossia.
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English - Spanish - tongue-tied Pronunciation
adj. tímido
English - French - tongue-tied Pronunciation
adj. muet
English - German - tongue-tied Pronunciation
adj. sprachlos, stumm
English - Indonesian - tongue-tied Pronunciation
a. lidah seakan-akan lumpuh, kaku lidah, tertegun
English - Italian - tongue-tied Pronunciation
agg. muto
English - Polish - tongue-tied Pronunciation
a. onieśmielony
English - Portuguese - tongue-tied Pronunciation
adj. calado, incapaz de dizer nada, que tem a língua presa
English - Russian - tongue-tied Pronunciation
прил. косноязычный, лишившийся дара речи, молчащий
English - Turkish - tongue-tied Pronunciation
s. suskun, konuşmayan
English - Ukrainian - tongue-tied Pronunciation
a. недорікуватий
English - Dutch - tongue-tied Pronunciation
bn. sprakeloos, mond : met de mond vol tanden
English - Greek - tongue-tied Pronunciation
επίθ. γλωσσοδεμένοσ, σιωπηλόσ
English - Arabic - tongue-tied Pronunciation
‏ثقيل اللسان، معقود اللسان، أخرس‏
English - Chinese - tongue-tied Pronunciation
舌头短的; 结结巴巴的; 发音不清的
English - Chinese - tongue-tied Pronunciation
舌頭短的; 結結巴巴的; 發音不清的
English - Hindi - tongue-tied Pronunciation
a. बद्ध-जिहव, बर्द्धजिहव, अवाक
English - Vietnamese - tongue-tied Pronunciation
a. không cho nói

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Synonyms for tongue-tied
1. quiet: close-mouthed, taciturn, silent, reticent, restrained
2. speechless: mute, dumbfounded, dumb, wordless, shocked, blown away