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Definition of top

1. The highest part or component of an object.
His kite got caught at the top of the tree.
1. The part viewed, or intended to be viewed, nearest the edge of the visual field normally occupied by the uppermost visible objects.
Further weather information can be found at the top of your television screen.
Headings appear at the tops of pages.
2. A lid, cap or cover of a container.
Put a top on the toothpaste tube or it will go bad.
3. A garment worn to cover the torso.
I bought this top as it matches my jeans.
4. Nautical A framework at the top of a ship's mast to which rigging is attached.
5. Baseball The first half of an inning, during which the home team fields and the visiting team bats.
6. Archaic The crown of the head, or the hair upon it; the head.
2. A child’s spinning toy; a spinning top.
The boy was amazed at how long the top would spin.
3. Someone who is eminent.
7. Archaic The chief person; the most prominent one.
8. The highest rank; the most honourable position; the utmost attainable place.
To be at the top of one's class, or at the top of the school
4. A dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
5. A man penetrating or with a preference for penetrating during homosexual intercourse.
I prefer being a top, and my boyfriend prefers being a bottom.
6. A top quark.
7. The utmost degree; the acme; the summit.
8. A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudinal grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.
9. Highest pitch or loudest.
She sang at the top of her voice.
10. A bundle or ball of slivers of combed wool, from which the noils, or dust, have been taken out.
11. Eve; verge; point.
12. The part of a cut gem between the girdle, or circumference, and the table, or flat upper surface.
13. Topboots.
14. A stroke on the top of the ball.
15. A forward spin given to the ball by hitting it on or near the top.
16. (A table at which there is, or which has enough seats for) a group of a specified number of people eating at a restaurant.
17. To cover on the top or with a top.
I like my ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.
18. To cut or remove the top (as of a tree)
I don't want to be bald, so just top my hair.
Top and tail the carrots.
19. To excel, to surpass, to beat.
Titanic was the most successful film ever until it was topped by another Cameron film, Avatar.
20. To be in the lead, to be at number one position (of).
Celine Dion topped the UK music charts twice in the 1990s.
21. To commit suicide, (rare) to murder.
Depression causes many people to top themselves.
22. To be the dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
I used to be a slave, but I ended up topping.
Giving advice to the dominant partner on how to run the BDSM session is called "topping from the bottom".
23. To be the partner who penetrates in anal sex.
24. To rise aloft; to be eminent; to tower.
Lofty ridges and topping mountains
25. To predominate.
Topping passions
26. To excel; to rise above others.
27. To raise one end of (a yard, etc.), making it higher than the other.
28. To cover with another dye.
To top aniline black with methyl violet to prevent greening
29. To put a stiffening piece or back on (a saw blade).
30. To arrange (fruit, etc.) with the best on top.
31. To strike the top of (an obstacle) with the hind feet while jumping, so as to gain new impetus.
32. To improve (domestic animals, especially sheep) by crossing certain individuals or breeds with other superior breeds.
33. To cut, break, or otherwise take off the top of (a steel ingot) to remove unsound metal.
34. To strike (the ball) above the centre; also, to make (a stroke, etc.) by hitting the ball in this way.
35. Situated on the top of something.
36. Best; of the highest quality or rank.
She's in the top dance school.
37. Very good, of high quality.
He's a top lawyer.
That is a top car.
38. Rated first.
She came top in her French exam.
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English - English - top

n. summit, peak, apex, head; cover, lid, cap; toy with a shape that narrows to a point on which it can spin
v. surpass, excel; rise or reach the top, rise above; surmount; furnish with a top
adj. highest, prime, leading

English - Spanish - top

s. parte superior, cabeza, cima, cumbre, cúspide, parte de arriba, punta; peonza, trompo; techo, baca, tejadillo; sostén del bikini
v. sobrepasar, coronar
adj. máximo, cumbrero, de más arriba, encimero, sobresaliente; jefe

Spanish - English - top

n. the best, most desirable, most advantageous, of the highest quality

English - French - top

n. sommet, haut, cime, supérieur; toupie
v. surmonter, couronner; coiffer; écimer (arbre), étêter; garnir
adj. supérieur, principal, premier, du haut

English - German - top

n. Anfang; Gipfel; Höhepunkt; Kreisel
v. an die Spitze gelangen; bedecken; abdecken; krönen, oben auf legen; übertreffen, überragen; stutzen, kappen (Baum)
adj. höchst

English - Indonesian - top

n. puncak, kemuncak, bubung, bubungan, kepala, atasan, juara yg terpandai, tutup, kap, permulaan, daun-daunan, gasing
v. mengatapi, memangkas puncak, mencapai, melebihi, mengalahkan, mengatasi
a. paling atas, teratas, tertinggi, tinggi: paling tinggi, maksimum, utama, terbaik

English - Italian - top

s. trottola; cima, sommità, apice, vertice; tappo, coperchio
v. superare, eccellere; raggiungere la cima; fornire di copertura; mettere un coperchio, fornire di coperchio, coprire
agg. massimo, più importante

English - Polish - top

n. szczyt, wierzchołek, wierzch, góra, maksimum, najwyższy bieg, gardziel pieca {hutn.}, garść, łeb, głowica, przód, przodek, pierwsze miejsce, prymus klasy, nakrętka, namiot cyrkowy, cholewa buta, buda wozu, czoło stołu biesiadnego, pokrywka garnka, nać, mars {mar.}, nadlew, bąk
v. wieńczyć, zwieńczać, uwieńczyć, przewyższać, przerastać, pikować, zwieńczyć, uwieńczać
a. górny, wierzchołkowy, najwyższy, szczytowy, wierzchni, odgórny

English - Portuguese - top

s. cabeça, topo, pico, elite, tampa, ápice; pião
v. chegar no topo
adj. superior, principal

English - Romanian - top

n. vârf, culme, greabăn, ţugui, sprânceană, muchie, înălţime, creştet, creastă, cap, frunte, capotă, imperială, capac, sfârlează, titirez, cap de pagină, punct maxim al fluxului
v. acoperi, atinge, depăşi, acoperi cu, urca un munte, întrece, pune în vârf, pune în sus, încununa, ciunti
a. vârf: din vârf, sus: de sus, superior, fruntaş

English - Russian - top

с. верхушка, вершина, макушка; верхний конец, верхний обрез, верхняя поверхность; колпачок, крышка; шпиль, купол; высшее напряжение; высокое положение, первое место; высокие сапоги с отворотами, верх одежды или обуви; блузка, джемпер; две старшие карты какой-л. масти
г. покрывать, срезать, обрезать верхушку, достигать вершины; превосходить, быть первым
прил. верхний, высший, максимальный, самый главный, первый

English - Turkish - top

f. kapamak, üstünü kapamak, geçmek, aşmak, alt etmek, birinci olmak
i. üst, tepe, uç, doruk, tepe nokta, zirve, baş, üst parça, kapak, topaç
s. üst, en yüksek, en iyi, tepe

English - Ukrainian - top

n. верхівка, верхній кінець, шпиль, верх, вершина, дзига, крона
v. верхівка: приставляти верхівку, верхівка: зрізати верхівку, вершина: досягати вершини, перевалити
a. верхній, найвищий, найголовніший

French - English - top

(m) n. pip, beep, bleep

German - English - top

v. surpass, excel; rise or reach the top, rise above; surmount; furnish with a top

Italian - English - top

n. top

Polish - English - top

n. top

Romanian - English - top

n. ream

Turkish - English - top

n. summit, peak, apex, head; cover, lid, cap; toy with a shape that narrows to a point on which it can spin
v. surpass, excel; rise or reach the top, rise above; surmount; furnish with a top
adj. highest, prime, leading

Dutch - English - top

n. top, peak, summit, apex, head

English - Dutch - top

zn. bovenkant; bergtop, hoogtepunt, apex; bedekking, deksel, kap;
ww. overtreffen, uitmunten, zich verheffen boven; toppen
bn. bovenste

English - Greek - top

ουσ. σκέπασμα, κορυφή, σβούρα, πάνω
ρήμ. σκεπάζω, υπερβάλω
επίθ. ανώτατος

Turkish - Turkish - top

birçok spor oyunlarında kullanılan, türlü büyüklükte, genellikle kauçuktan yapılmış toparlak; kumaş, kâğıt gibi şeylerin belli miktardaki bağı, ferde.
kimi aygıtlarda bulunan toparlağımsı parça; bir çok şeyin hepsi.
gülle ya da şarapnel atan büyük, ateşli silah; kumaş, kâğıt vb. şeylerin düzenli bir yığın durumuna getirilmiş bağı.

French - Turkish - top

[le] :

German - French - top

n. brassière (f), débardeur (m)

German - Italian - top

adj. topo: di topo

Turkish - French - top

[le] :

Turkish - German - top

n. Ball, Bund, Geschütz, Kanone, Kartätsche, Kugel
adj. Ball-

Turkish - Russian - top

n. пушка (F), орудие (N), мяч (M), шар (M), шайба (F), комок (M), рулон (M), совокупность (F)
adj. артиллерийский

Dutch - French - top

1. (berg) crête (f); sommet (m); haut (m); cime (f); pic (m) 2. (ontwikkeling) point culminant; zénith (m); apogée (m); sommet (m); summu(m) (m); acmé (m/f) {formal}; cime (f); pic (m) 3. (geometrie) apex (m); sommet (m)
4. (belangrijkheid) tête (f) 5. (graad) apogée (m); pinacle (m)
6. (voorwerpen) bout (m) 7. (politiek) conférence au sommet; sommet (m)

English - Arabic - top

‏قمة، رأس، أوج، صفوة، قمة جبل، غطاء، قمة الرأس، ذروة، المرتبة العليا‏
‏فاق، إعتلى، إحتل ذروة، أزال رأس شئ، توج، تفوق، وصل اعلى درجة، أنهى، إجتاز القمة‏
‏الأول، أفضل، أعلى‏

English - Chinese - top

(名) 顶部; 头顶; 山顶; 表面#陀螺
(动) 盖; 达到...的顶部; 给...加盖; 高于; 向高处升; 达到顶点; 结束; 高出
(形) 顶的; 最高的; 顶上的; 最优良的

English - Chinese - top

(名) 頂部; 頭頂; 山頂; 表面#陀螺
(動) 蓋; 達到...的頂部; 給...加蓋; 高於; 向高處升; 達到頂點; 結束; 高出
(形) 頂的; 最高的; 頂上的; 最優良的

English - Hindi - top

n. चोटी, सिरा, शिखर, ऊपरी हिस्सा, ऊपरी भाग, ऊपर का हिस्सा, ऊपर का भाग, लट्टू, शिर, सानु
v. ढंकना, ढंक देना, ढंक लेना, ऊपर रखना, चढ़ाना, पीछे छोड़ना, छाना
a. ऊपर का, ऊपरी, उत्तम, सवोर्च्च

English - Japanese - top

(動) 覆いを付ける; 頂を覆う; 頂上に達する; 頂点にある
(形) 最も高い; 一番の
(名) 頂点, 頂上, てっぺん, 頭; カバー, ふた, キャップ; こま

English - Korean - top

명. 꼭대기, 정상, 머리, 절정; 팽이
동. 뛰어나다, 우수하다; 정상에 이르다; 뚜껑을 덮다; 정상에 있다
형. 꼭대기의, 최고의, 수석의, 일류의

English - Vietnamese - top

n. chóp, đỉnh, chỏm, ngọn, phần ở trên, đầu trang giấy, nắp hộp, mui xe, phần cao hơn hết
v. cắt ngọn, đặt ở trên
a. ở trên
adv. đứng đầu

German - Chinese - top

[das] pl.Tops吊带背心

Vietnamese - English - top

n. group, gang

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Synonyms for top
1. best: chief, prime, first, foremost, head, principal
2. highest: greatest, upper, topmost, uppermost
3. peak: pinnacle, crest, apex, acme, summit, vertex, zenith
4. leader: chief, head, captain
5. excel: exceed, surpass, outdo, beat
6. prune: crop, truncate, lop
Verb forms for top
Present participle: topping
Present: top (3.person: tops)
Past: topped
Future: will top
Present conditional: would top
Present Perfect: have topped (3.person: has topped)
Past Perfect: had topped
Future Perfect: will have topped
Past conditional: would have topped