Definition of topmast Pronunciation
1. The highest mast in a fore-and-aft-rigged ship.
2. The mast below the topgallant mast in a square-rigged ship.
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English - English - topmast Pronunciation
n. topmost mast on ship
English - Spanish - topmast Pronunciation
s. mastelero, mástil
English - French - topmast Pronunciation
n. mât de hune (Nautique)
English - German - topmast Pronunciation
n. Strenge
English - Italian - topmast Pronunciation
s. (Mar) albero di gabbia
English - Portuguese - topmast Pronunciation
s. mastro superior
English - Russian - topmast Pronunciation
с. стеньга
English - Turkish - topmast Pronunciation
i. gabya çubuğu
English - Albanian - topmast Pronunciation
n. direk i sipërm, pjesë e sipërme e direkut kryesor
English - Dutch - topmast Pronunciation
zn. (mars)steng
English - Greek - topmast Pronunciation
ουσ. επιστύλιο ιστού
English - Chinese - topmast Pronunciation
(名) 中桅
English - Chinese - topmast Pronunciation
(名) 中桅
English - Japanese - topmast Pronunciation
(名) トップマスト, 船のマストの頂上
English - Korean - topmast Pronunciation
명. 중간 돛대

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