Definition of topple Pronunciation
1. To push, throw over, overturn or overthrow something
2. To totter and fall, or to lean as if about to do so
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English - English - topple Pronunciation
v. drop, collapse
English - Spanish - topple Pronunciation
v. tumbar, destronar, hacer caer
English - French - topple Pronunciation
v. tomber; s'effondrer; s'écrouler; culbuter; dégringoler
English - German - topple Pronunciation
v. stürzen, umkippen, umfallen
English - Indonesian - topple Pronunciation
v. tumbang, rebah, merobohkan, menumbangkan, menjatuhkan, menggugurkan
English - Italian - topple Pronunciation
v. capitombolare, rovesciarsi, ruzzolare; (fig) vacillare, traballare, barcollare
English - Polish - topple Pronunciation
v. przewracać się
English - Portuguese - topple Pronunciation
v. ruir, tombar, fazer cair
English - Romanian - topple Pronunciation
v. răsturna, rostogoli
English - Russian - topple Pronunciation
г. падать, опрокидываться, валиться, грозить падением
English - Turkish - topple Pronunciation
f. devirmek, devrilmek, düşecek gibi olmak, sendelemek, tepetaklak düşmek
English - Ukrainian - topple Pronunciation
v. нависати: загрозливо нависати, валити
English - Dutch - topple Pronunciation
ww. omvallen; sterk dalen (v. koers enz.); doen omvallen, omverwerpen
English - Greek - topple Pronunciation
ρήμ. αναποδογυρίζω, κλονίζομαι, καταπίπτω, ανατρέπω
English - Arabic - topple Pronunciation
‏سقط، قلب، أطاح، تداعى للسقوط، إنقلب‏
English - Chinese - topple Pronunciation
(动) 使倒塌; 颠覆; 推翻; 倒塌, 摇摇欲坠
English - Chinese - topple Pronunciation
(動) 使倒塌; 顛覆; 推翻; 倒塌, 搖搖欲墜
English - Hindi - topple Pronunciation
v. नीचे गिर पड़ना, गिर पड़ना, लटपटाना
English - Japanese - topple Pronunciation
(動) ぐらつく; 倒す; 倒れる
English - Korean - topple Pronunciation
동. 쓰러지다, 뒤집어 엎다
English - Vietnamese - topple Pronunciation
v. té, ngã nhào, làm ngã

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Synonyms for topple
founder: break down, fall down, cave in, collapse, disintegrate, give way, fall
Verb forms for topple
Present participle: toppling
Present: topple (3.person: topples)
Past: toppled
Future: will topple
Present conditional: would topple
Present Perfect: have toppled (3.person: has toppled)
Past Perfect: had toppled
Future Perfect: will have toppled
Past conditional: would have toppled