Definition of topsoil Pronunciation
1. The most fertile soil, easiest to start new plants in.
Little grew on the farm, after the floods from the hurricane washed away the topsoil.
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English - English - topsoil Pronunciation
n. upper layer of soil
English - Spanish - topsoil Pronunciation
s. capa arable, capa fértil de suelo, capa superficial del suelo, humus, mantillo, tierra vegetal
English - French - topsoil Pronunciation
n. couche arable
English - German - topsoil Pronunciation
n. Bodenfläche, oberste Erdfläche
English - Indonesian - topsoil Pronunciation
n. bunga tanah
English - Italian - topsoil Pronunciation
s. (Agr) terreno di superficie; terriccio
English - Polish - topsoil Pronunciation
n. warstwa uprawna
English - Portuguese - topsoil Pronunciation
s. camada superficial do solo
English - Russian - topsoil Pronunciation
с. пахотный слой почвы
English - Turkish - topsoil Pronunciation
i. humus, toprağın üst tabakası
English - Ukrainian - topsoil Pronunciation
n. грунт: верхній шар грунту
English - Dutch - topsoil Pronunciation
zn. onderste grondlaag
English - Greek - topsoil Pronunciation
(Lex). επιφανειακό στρώμα έδαφους
English - Arabic - topsoil Pronunciation
‏أرض، أرض زراعية‏
English - Chinese - topsoil Pronunciation
(名) 上层土, 表层土
English - Chinese - topsoil Pronunciation
(名) 上層土, 表層土
English - Japanese - topsoil Pronunciation
(名) 表土
English - Korean - topsoil Pronunciation
명. 표토
English - Vietnamese - topsoil Pronunciation
n. đất có phân

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