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English English - Definition of torment 
n. torture, pain, suffering, anguish
v. torture, agonize, persecute
Spanish English To Spanish - torment 
s. tormento, congoja, dolor, fustigación, martirio, mortificación, suplicio, tortura, tribulación
v. atormentar, acribillar, angustiar, atenazar, causar tormento, martirizar, mortificar, poner en la picota, torturar; ser atormentador
French English To French - torment 
n. tourment, torture, supplice; douleur, souffrance
v. tourmenter, torturer, persécuter
German English To German - torment 
n. Schmerz, Leiden, Qualen
v. schmerzen, quälen
Italian English To Italian - torment 
s. tormento, tortura, strazio, pena; patimento, sofferenza, agonia; croce
v. tormentare, torturare, martoriare, affliggere; infastidire, molestare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - torment 
s. tormenta, dor, sofrimento, privação
v. atormentar
Russian English To Russian - torment 
с. мучение, мука (страдание), источник мучений
г. мучить, причинять боль, досаждать, раздражать, изводить, промучить
Turkish English To Turkish - torment 
f. eziyet etmek, işkence etmek, acı çektirmek
i. eziyet, azap, cefa, işkence
Albanian English To Albanian - torment 
n. mundim, vuajtje, torturë, siklet
v. mundoj
Dutch English To Dutch - torment 
zn. pijn, leed, smart, hevige pijn
ww. pijn doen; martelen
Greek English To Greek - torment 
ουσ. βάσανος, βασανιστήριο, βάσανο
ρήμ. βασανίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - torment 
(名) 痛苦; 痛苦的根源; 苦恼
(动) 使痛苦, 折磨; 纠缠; 烦扰; 作弄
ChineseT English To ChineseT - torment 
(名) 痛苦; 痛苦的根源; 苦惱
(動) 使痛苦, 折磨; 糾纏; 煩擾; 作弄
Japanese English To Japanese - torment 
(動) 苦しめる; 悩ます
(名) 激痛; 苦痛の原因
Korean English To Korean - torment 
명. 고통, 괴롭힘, 고문
동. 괴롭히다, 고문하다, 고통을 주다
noun: a severe affliction
noun: intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain Example:The torments of the damned.
noun: extreme mental distress
noun: a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented Example:So great was his harassment that he wanted to destroy his tormentors.
noun: unbearable physical pain
noun: the act of harassing someone
verb: torment emotionally or mentally
verb: treat cruelly Example:The children tormented the stuttering teacher.


 Synonyms for torment
1. torture: annoy, abuse, distress, harry, vex, afflict, agonise, agonize
2. agony: anguish, suffering, misery, distress, torture
3. annoy: harass, irritate, pester, plague, provoke, tease, trouble
Tenses for torment
Present participle: tormenting
Present: torment (3.person: torments)
Past: tormented
Future: will torment
Present conditional: would torment
Present Perfect: have tormented (3.person: has tormented)
Past Perfect: had tormented
Future Perfect: will have tormented
Past conditional: would have tormented

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