Definition of torment Pronunciation
1. A catapult or other kind of war-engine.
2. Torture, originally as inflicted by an instrument of torture.
3. Any extreme pain, anguish or misery, either physical or mental.
He was bitter from the torments of the divorce system.
4. To cause severe suffering to (stronger than to vex but weaker than to torture.)
The child tormented the flies by pulling their wings off.
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English - English - torment Pronunciation
n. torture, pain, suffering, anguish
v. torture, agonize, persecute
English - Spanish - torment Pronunciation
s. tormento, congoja, dolor, fustigación, martirio, mortificación, suplicio, tortura, tribulación
v. atormentar, acribillar, angustiar, atenazar, causar tormento, martirizar, mortificar, poner en la picota, torturar; ser atormentador
English - French - torment Pronunciation
n. tourment, torture, supplice; douleur, souffrance
v. tourmenter, torturer, persécuter
English - German - torment Pronunciation
n. Schmerz, Leiden, Qualen
v. schmerzen, quälen
English - Italian - torment Pronunciation
s. tormento, tortura, strazio, pena; patimento, sofferenza, agonia; croce
v. tormentare, torturare, martoriare, affliggere; infastidire, molestare
English - Portuguese - torment Pronunciation
s. tormenta, dor, sofrimento, privação
v. atormentar
English - Russian - torment Pronunciation
с. мучение, мука (страдание), источник мучений
г. мучить, причинять боль, досаждать, раздражать, изводить, промучить
English - Turkish - torment Pronunciation
f. eziyet etmek, işkence etmek, acı çektirmek
i. eziyet, azap, cefa, işkence
English - Dutch - torment Pronunciation
zn. pijn, leed, smart, hevige pijn
ww. pijn doen; martelen
English - Greek - torment Pronunciation
ουσ. βάσανος, βασανιστήριο, βάσανο
ρήμ. βασανίζω
English - Chinese - torment Pronunciation
(名) 痛苦; 痛苦的根源; 苦恼
(动) 使痛苦, 折磨; 纠缠; 烦扰; 作弄
English - Chinese - torment Pronunciation
(名) 痛苦; 痛苦的根源; 苦惱
(動) 使痛苦, 折磨; 糾纏; 煩擾; 作弄
English - Japanese - torment Pronunciation
(動) 苦しめる; 悩ます
(名) 激痛; 苦痛の原因
English - Korean - torment Pronunciation
명. 고통, 괴롭힘, 고문
동. 괴롭히다, 고문하다, 고통을 주다

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Synonyms for torment
1. torture: annoy, abuse, distress, harry, vex, afflict, agonise, agonize
2. agony: anguish, suffering, misery, distress, torture
3. annoy: harass, irritate, pester, plague, provoke, tease, trouble
Verb forms for torment
Present participle: tormenting
Present: torment (3.person: torments)
Past: tormented
Future: will torment
Present conditional: would torment
Present Perfect: have tormented (3.person: has tormented)
Past Perfect: had tormented
Future Perfect: will have tormented
Past conditional: would have tormented