Definition of totalisator Pronunciation
1. (UK) the computerised system which runs parimutuel betting, calculating payoff odds, displaying them, and producing tickets based on incoming bets.
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English - German - totalisator Pronunciation
n. totalisator (m)
German - English - totalisator Pronunciation
n. totalizator, instrument for adding up results of measurements or activities; totalizer, one who finds total amount of
Dutch - English - totalisator Pronunciation
n. totalizator, tote
German - Spanish - totalisator Pronunciation
n. totalizador (m), marcador (m)
German - Italian - totalisator Pronunciation
n. totalizzatore (m)
German - Russian - totalisator Pronunciation
n. тотализатор (m)
German - Turkish - totalisator Pronunciation
i. totalizatör (m)
Dutch - French - totalisator Pronunciation
(gokken) totalisateur (m)
English - Chinese - totalisator Pronunciation
(名) 赌金计算器; 总额计算器
English - Chinese - totalisator Pronunciation
(名) 賭金計算器; 總額計算器
German - Chinese - totalisator Pronunciation
[der] 赛马赌金计算器。

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