prep. in the direction of; near, close to; for, intended for a specific purpose or person; with respect to, regarding
English - Spanish - towards Pronunciation
prep. hacia; para con
English - French - towards Pronunciation
prép. envers, vers, en direction de; près pour; avec les respects de
English - German - towards Pronunciation
prp. in Richtung, hinüber-
English - Italian - towards Pronunciation
prep. verso, in direzione di, alla volta di; nei riguardi di, nei confronti di, circa, verso
English - Portuguese - towards Pronunciation
prep. em direção a-, dirigido a-
English - Russian - towards Pronunciation
предл. к, по направлению к, навстречу, в направлении, по отношению к, около, для, с тем
English - Turkish - towards Pronunciation
ed. e doğru, karşı, e karşı, e yakın, yönünde
English - Albanian - towards Pronunciation
prep. drejt, drejtim: në drejtim të, ndaj, nga, për
English - Dutch - towards Pronunciation
vz. naar, naar..... toe
English - Greek - towards Pronunciation
πρόθ. προς, πλησίον, περί
English - Chinese - towards Pronunciation
(介) 向, 朝; 将近; 面对; 大约
English - Chinese - towards Pronunciation
(介) 向, 朝; 將近; 面對; 大約
English - Japanese - towards Pronunciation
(前) 方へ; 方に; 向かって; 近くに; 特定の目的地や人に向けて; 評価して
English - Korean - towards Pronunciation
전. ...쪽으로, ...쪽에 있는, ...편에, ...가까이, ...에 가까이, ...에 대하여, ...을 위하여
(adv.) Near; at hand; in state of preparation.
(prep.& adv.) See Toward.
(prep.) In the direction of; to.
(prep.) Near; about; approaching to.
(prep.) Tending to; in the direction of; in behalf of.
(prep.) With direction to, in a moral sense; with respect or reference to; regarding; concerning.

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