adj. capable of being found or tracked down
English - Spanish - traceable Pronunciation
adj. fácil de seguir, fácil de encontrar; que se puede trazar
English - French - traceable Pronunciation
adj. décelable, que l'on peut suivre
English - German - traceable Pronunciation
adj. auffindbar; zurückverfolgbar
English - Italian - traceable Pronunciation
agg. rintracciabile; da attribuire, da ascrivere, attribuibile, imputabile; ricalcabile
English - Portuguese - traceable Pronunciation
adj. que pode ser seguido
English - Russian - traceable Pronunciation
прил. относимый, приписываемый, прослеживаемый
English - Turkish - traceable Pronunciation
s. izlenebilir
English - Dutch - traceable Pronunciation
bn. na te gaan, naspeurbaar
English - Greek - traceable Pronunciation
επίθ. ανιχνεύσιμος, εξιχνιάσιμος
English - Chinese - traceable Pronunciation
(形) 可追踪的; 起源于
English - Chinese - traceable Pronunciation
(形) 可追蹤的; 起源於
English - Japanese - traceable Pronunciation
(形) 透写することのできる; 起因する
English - Korean - traceable Pronunciation
형. 흔적을 찾아 추적할 수 있는
adjective: capable of being traced or tracked Example:A traceable riverbed.
adjective: (usually followed by `to') able to be traced to Example:A failure traceable to lack of energy.

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